We're two guys who first became friends back in college at Oklahoma State University in 2005. We have maintained a solidity that can only be forged by the spirit of Song.
Ours is a friendship that has survived one's marriage and the others aimless drifting and down spiral into these depths of life and nowhere-ness alike. Somehow, miraculously, always surviving the strain of thousands of miles and with it; periods of brutal silence.
A friendship that will last as long as there is a simmer of life within. A bond that has forever shaped the fragility of our youth and the explosion of time, defining both years lost, and years left... Years racing onward like trains flashing by.. Faster all the time. A friendship not obsessed with it's own legacy. A friendship that will forever be rooted deep in Song.

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Nick, still an archeologist, though he & his lovely wife bought their very first home together. But more importantly, they shared in the precious blessing of their first child. Wyatt Rainmaker Coleman a genuinely joyful little lady-killer. True to form, I keep freewheeling towards the lowlander town of Nowhere, America. Quietly wishing I could finally hit this damned ground runnin for once in my stumble drunk life. Your kin in Song,
- Cole Crawford-Hurst
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Hey guys, great stuff! Amazing lyrics, great imagery, true poets!

Dear Nick & Cole, I thought we'd connected in the past, but I couldn't find you in my connections Broad Jam site! Anyway, just reviewed your wonderful song, "Broken Record"" What a Killer Tune!! You guys are so incredible, your songs should be in Film!!! If you can send me another connect request please!!!
Skid City, Texas & Nowherespecial, America, Texas, United States...that's cool!!!
Big Fans...........
M & A Corey

Hello Nick and Cole, Thanks for the review of Hot Boiled Peanuts. It is the only song I have actually written that is a lie. (I don't really like 'em). But I tour a lot and drive down highway 301. I figured those guys needed a commercial. So I stopped and bought some, tried it, wrote the song and...it's a festival favorite (I make it really interactive). But the ones who like it best are the special needs adults I sing it for every month. If I didn't I'd have a mutiny on my hands. Congrats on the birth of Wyatt. Happy Spring! Mrs. Kate

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