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You will find, if you search deeply, that many songs are directly intertwined with the novel- deeper still and you'll begin to feel the full holograph... the concept.

APOCALYPSE is the album associated with The Replacement System's 1st collection of songs.

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The Replacement System was formed at a time when the mindset of humanity threatened to completely destroy itself. The leader of the band was found passed out in a creek by her future band mates and then she was inducted into their yet unformed rock group after grabbing a microphone during one of their practices and proving to be the right fit.

That singer's name is Pat and she is a former school teacher in her mid 30's who sounds uncannily like a man when she sings. She is either half crazy or truly, as she claims, the Town Cryer.

The rest of the band consists of 2 guys and 2 girls. All of them are in their twenties and have a common tendency to always wear black.

The music of The Replacement System has a reprogramming effect on the minds of people who listen to it being played live. Where once they were modern consumers bent on working themselves to death for status quo approval, sex, and drug addictions-- after hearing The Replacement System for a matter of seconds they become a more connected, more caring breed of human beings. In short, their minds become evolved.

The Replacement System is practically the only hope for man kind so they play up to 18 hours a day to keep the good people from the grip of the man... the man in the gray hat.

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TRS. Your msg is crystal clear in your music. No production filler, just all raw. MP

1 Replies
The Replacement System
over 30 days ago

MP, thanks for that review. I'm glad you appreciated my take on your song!

Nailed the review, particularly on the end. Wanting to develop more, but scared to over produce - fairly new to the soundtrack approach. Thanks again! MP

Hello, thank you for your kind review of my song `Human Race'!

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The Replacement System
over 30 days ago

You're welcome. Keep on rocking!

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