Influences from REM to Springsteen to the Stones exploited into something completely awe inspiring and original.

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Free Download! Rabid Girl is being given away for absolutely nothing on the web page, cos nobody else wants it - see the Lyrics/Free Stuff section.

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Big Wave, a fourpiece from Scotland, make music tinged with a certain magic that sets them apart from the crowd. Calling on influences from REM through the Rolling Stones to Springsteen, you'll find here a depth of human emotion and a sharp, literate conscience combined with melody and harmony that create something truly original, music that actually matters.

If you want music that stimulates the heart, the head, and any other body parts you care to mention, look no further than Big Wave.


Mike Cullen - Lead vocals, Guitars
Malcolm MacFarlane - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Wesley Bradd - Guitars, Vocals
Chris Fulton - Bass, Backing Vocals
Mike Foy - Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals


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