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Dj John Creamer pt one

John Creamer as a DJ has been playing his trade for over 6 years at the top now but it is fame as one half of the production team alongside Stephane K that has seen them propel into the higher reaches of the dance music industry. John and Stephane have produced and remixed some of the biggest tunes of the last two years. Remixes that have provoked near riots on the dancefloor include Kosheen's 'Hide U, which won them remix of the year at the 2001 Muzik Awards, their brilliantly twisted vocal remix of Satoshi Tomiie's 'Love In Traffic?, New Order?s ?Crystal?, the irresistible ?Waiting? by Nat Monday and Rapture?s classic anthem, ?Iio?. Both ?Hide U? and ?Iio? became massive global hits, with both records entering the UK Top 10 at No.6 and No.3 respectively.

Their production work has also been equally as successful, with projects such as ?I Love You? and ?Wish You Were Here? earning them worldwide respect as producers in their own right.

John Creamer has also been impressing dance floor crowds far and wide behind the decks. Having supplied the soundtrack to last years summer season, John Creamer is bracing himself for a similar success story this summer as he spreads his dark and twisted beats even further afield. He will be the duo?s representative for their Bedrock Tour in July and August, to promote their compilation due for release in August. On his travels he will visit The Pod (Ireland), Pacha (Budapest & Buenos Aires), Renaissance (Ibiza), Istanbul and Cult (Switzerland) amongst others. He is also a main player in the massive Smirnoff event in NYC where he will be headlinin. In the last 2 years, John has already managed to conquer some of the worlds most respected clubs including Cream (UK), Renaissance (UK), Bedrock (UK), Pacha (Portugal), Soda (Athens), and Zouk (Singapore). Not forgetting his home in the US, where John is fast becoming a household name. He has played the legendary Spundae (San Fran, LA and Vegas), Axis (Boston) and numerous loft parties in New York.

Their history? There's lots of it? from Stephane's days playing bass in hardcore bands to John's trombone efforts on a ska record at age 16; from John's first ever house production (a birthday gift for a friend) to Stephane's critically acclaimed house tracks with DJ Katsu (under the name Madam; from Stephane's tracks (as Bipath) with Satoshi Tomiie to John's long years as record store kid and later, A&R man with Eightball Records and Satellite Records.

Dj John Creamer pt 2

Dark, deep, weird and sexy are words that best describe the sound that's currently getting them rave reviews from DJ heavyweights such as Danny Tenaglia, Danny Howells, Pete Tong and John Digweed. In whatever the duo choose to remix, it's the vocals that tend to be the deciding factor. 'Love In Traffic' features an unsettlingly affected ('unique and... strange' according to Stephane), but complete vocal from ex-Sneaker Pimp Kelly Ali over spare percussion, a throbbing kick drum and a few head-twisting effects. "I just love the vocal stuff," John says. "Good, big-room vocal tracks are hard to come by right now, so that's kind of what we wanna gear things towards.?

There's no doubt what Stephane and John stake as their musical roots. Stephane cites DJ Pierre's classic 'Atom Bomb' as his all-time favorite record. If there's any irony at all, it's that with all of this classic house to draw upon, Stephane and John's sound clearly falls into the category of Right Now. "Everything's just kind of morphed into one these days," says John. "All the trance guys are playing the deeper tech stuff and tribal stuff, all the borders just kind of collapsed this year. It's good timing for us."

The duo?s current remix projects include Sinead O?Connor?s ?Troy? and the soon-to-be-huge summer smash, ?Mooney? by Dove. Individual projects with Prince Quick include Stephane ?s ?Insane Poem? and Creamers ?Fuck Sonnet? ? a track that despite having been only sent to 15 DJ?s and journalists is already causing a major stir. A New York dirty, deep and twisted house track that lays a truly filthy monologue over the cheeky, spiky house groove. Watch out!

Vocalist Tanja Dixon

Born and raised in the city of Philadelphia. My love for the Arts began very early. I fell in love with Classical Ballet at age 5. I continued my studies of Tap,Jazz and Modern until my high school years. In high school I majored in Dance under Faye Snow, and minored in music and drama under the late Dr. Allen and Director Walter Dallas of Freedom Theater. At 17, I became the youngest dance instructor for the James Cleveland Gospel Music Workshop of America. Today, I instruct young people from all over the world the History of Gospel Theater and Choir Movement. My Resume' reads as such: PROCESSED WORK.... Theater, Musicals & Industrial Walking By Faith - Donald Welch Productions Let the Church Roll On - co-star LaWanda Page Take It to the Lord or Else - Donald Welch Productons Hallelujah Mahalia - D.W. Productions Underpressure - Freedom Theater Twelve Monkey's - Bruce Willis Snake Eyes - Paramount Pictures Watermelon Women - Independent Films Women Against Abuse - Public Service Announcement - PBS PUBLISHED WORKS.... Recordings You're the One - Josh Wink (Ovum Records) When the Funk Hits the Fan - King Britt (Columbia/Ruffhouse Records) Last Night a DJ Saved my Life - Slyk 130 (Columbia Records) What You Mean 2 Me - (Wicked Man Records) For the Good of Them - Philadelphia Mass Choir (Higher Ground Records) First Person - PBS Soundtrack LIVE PERFORMANCES.... Television & Venues Soul Train MTV Rock the Vote BET Video Vibrations Bimbo (San Francisco) Trubadour (Las Angeles) SOB (New York) Italian Music Festival (Florence, Italy) Philadelphia Academy of Music Opera House Merriam Theater (Philadelphia) Many, many venues throughout the United States and aboard

Dj Jimmy Ellis

Jimmy Ellis assumed the decks. There was an immediate change in the room a determined and self-assured air. With his gold ring gleaming on his left pinky and his shaven head luminous under the understated lighting, this DJ knew how to get it juicy. His beats were resolute, an approach that was undeniably masculine. I was able to figure out that this fella knew what to do in the bedroom department, purely because his line of attack was so unwavering. He used house beats as the underpinning of his work, complimenting these beats with a flux of vocal colour, cellular melodies that circled the spectrum and grooved hard. These beats induced your body to move with the call for primeval abandon. Certainly plenty of beautifully shod feet were tapping the wooden floors. Soulful female vocal lines filled the room, penetrating the very walls, as they wandered the range, the melody lines extracting wonderful bouts of colour and shade. This is certainly one DJ I plan to follow about, if at the very least for the pleasurable pastime of discussing the inner nuances of cricket. His beats are hard and his funk inspired melodies are illicit. Prepare for your senses to be inundated. As Reviewed by Lady Lex 03/03/06

Dj Rousey

JIn the beginning, there was Brisbane. And as an over governed Police State with restrictive traditional customs inflicted upon its inhabitants, Brisbane nightlife was restricted with few ideas circling the horizon. But luckily, a few had strength in character to defy the mould. And one in particular not only defied tradition, but set the standard for the future. Jason ?Rousey? Rouse would very well be heeded as the first generation of Brisbane?s Dance DJs, flanking the original holy godhead with DJ Freestyle, Gracie, Angus, Mark Briais and Matt Kitshon; significantly motivating the stain of House Music to reach the Brisbane community and inspiring the onslaught of today?s DJs. His quest in music started from a young age, thanks to an introduction to Classical Music via his parents and the electric piano via his brother. As Jason developed, Beethoven and Mozart were easily discarded for the Kiss Army, and when Rapper?s Delight came along, Jason?s musical appetite foraged into the realm of HipHop. Taking up the guitar in his teenage years and an exscurion through punk music, it was at 19 that Jason realised the greater possibilities on offer from the turntables. With his previous musical experience, Jason aspired to incorporating an instrumental feel into his House tunes. The idea of creating a breakless set of tracks and manipulating them in your own unique way was the reason Jason pursued this concept. The sight of a full dancefloor of eager punters became the motivating factor, turning a pursuit of a hobby into an overwhelming passion and eternal quest for more. He enlarged upon his musical prowess with a Diploma of Music in Technology and Production, and looked towards broadening his musical psyche. A pilgrimage to Philadelphia would cement within Jason?s mind that he was on his predestined path. Surrounded by the elements where Disco was born, nurtured and bred, Jason?s love for all things Funk became a mania. Jason has performed in every worthy Dance venue in Brisbane: from The Dome, The Empire, Family Nightclub, Grand Orbit, Monastery, Out, Port Office Hotel, Press Club, The Site, SunBar, The Tube, Viva, and Universal, to where he currently holds a residency at The Met. Jason?s quest into House Music has taken him across the country to Sydney and Newcastle and as far flung to the shores of New Zealand and Philadelphia. His talents have supported many stellar names, including such notables as Derrick Carter, Mark Farina, Roger Sanchez, Felix Da House Cat, The Prodigy, Fat Boy Slim, Ian Pooley, Inland Knights, Dave Seaman, Groove Armada, Sasha, PNAU, Doc Martin, DJ Garth and Jay-J. He has packed the floors of many events, including Livid Festival, Strawberry Fields, NASA, Headfunk, Renaissance, Two Tribes, Xtreme Games, Terminal 9, Summerfieldayze and New Zealand?s Winterfest. Jason has also rocked the local and national airwaves, including Triple J?s Mixup and Wild FM. His production talents have lead to the production of the soundtrack to short film ?Circus Kitchen? with plenty of unreleased works in progress. Jason is presently holding a residency at The Met as well as working with his unique and ground breaking band *2012* - an electronic-organic project that incorporates live performers on Rhodes keys, drum kit and trumpet over his DJ sets. Jason is at present working on a globally connected event called "Sundae", set to create waves early in 2007. His prospects will always include finding and discharge underground funky sounds to the dancefloor with a plan to eventually release his productions. To Jason ?Rousey? Rouse, music is not only a source of great pleasure but also a critical part of human existence. As a purveyor of Funk, with a deep seated affinity with solid bass lines, Jason takes the House matrix and warps it with his signature method of sensory overload. Whether Funk, Deep, Disco or Old Skool, ?Rousey? will cauterize the 4/4 beats onto your soul. Bio written by Lady Lex Profile Tracker

Dj Oji

J Oji was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He has been a DJ since the early of age of 14, dating back as far as 1984. Being from New York, DJ Oji has had the rare privilege of having been exposed to "House Music" and many of its legendary DJ's from the very beginning. However, most of his dance years were spent under these influences. His Dj years and production credits would later be developed in Baltimore, MD, which he now considers to be home. He came to Baltimore to attend Morgan State University and discovered that it was here that the seeds would be planted. He also discovered another brother who also shared his vision and love for House Music. DJ Pope is his name. Together they are both "The Brother's in the Struggle" and co-owners of Baltimore based recording label POJI Records.

DJ Oji currently holds residencies in at The DC Sanctuary and Club Red in Washington DC and in Baltimore a monthly party at Sugar called Spiritual Journey.

Hector Romero

When I asked him the perennial question journalists ask DJ?s about their style, Hector Romero replied: ?I play the best of all genres of dance music.? Quite the dibs, but Hector?s got the credentials to back it up.

2006 begins with Hector Romero?s first international mix CD release, ?Pacha Winter Sessions?. The double CD hits the streets Jan ?06 in many countries around the world. It includes Hector Romero on Disc one and Spain?s Juan Diaz on Disc two. "When I was originally asked by Danny Whittle at Pacha Ibiza to mix Disc one of the Pacha Winter album I felt flattered and honored.? An honor that is helping to solidify, Romero?s international persona, and opening doors into new countries like Morocco and Switzerland with a full world tour in the stars for this year.

In 2000, Romero became the fourth wheel to the Def Mix triumvirate; alluding to the completion of a set for one of the most acclaimed DJ rosters in existence. Being the youngest of the crew, Hector brings a fresh take on house music to the company. Romero elaborates: ?They respect me for my energy and for being different from everyone else. I bring a different flavor to the company.

Since his beginnings as thirteen-year-old DJ wunderkind ?Baby Hec? Romero back in 1983, a growing reputation landed him at La Mirage, the hottest uptown Latin club at the time. As the New York City house music renaissance ensued, Hector found himself at the helm of legendary dance floors Save the Robots, The Red Zone (where he met David Morales), Palladium and Roxy. Hector admits ?I have not stopped DJ?ing once in my career.?

Hector has worked as an employee for Def Mix for ten years. He has proven to be quite the workhorse, keeping his finger quick on the pulse of the company?s daily business operations. Known for their house clout, Def Mix broadened their horizons with SAW Recordings, the brainchild co-run by owner Satoshi Tomiie and partner Label Manager Hector Romero.

Known first and foremost for an innovative approach to the house sound, SAW?s output have all the crucial elements to them. Hector explains: ?Everything?s got to be funky with your baseline, good vocals, catchy hooks, very important stuff that?s going to stand the test of time.? The highly touted compilation, Undulation 1 (mixed by Satoshi & Hector) saw a highly touted 2003-4 world tour.

As a crucial member of the Def Mix camp, Hector?s plan for the future is to grow as an executive for the SAW label. ?Since I don?t remix or produce, being a business person Monday through Friday is my love and passion,? he expounds. Romero distinguishes the weekend as a time to take his A&R duties abroad: ?I take everything we?ve signed, the music that I?ve been sent, on the road and have a good time. Just stepping it up another level and continuing to influence people.?

Whether he?s rocking it out at Pacha, Ibiza or in Greece, UK, France, Spain, Italy, USA or Canada, Hector works hard at his craft, making sure clubbers have a good time. What sets Romero apart from the rest, his ability to reach out to the masses, makes him a favorite with promoters and clubbers alike: ?[Promoters] love it when people go to the gigs and smile, and have a good time with their customers. I love it. It?s work, but it?s also good fun.?

By pushing the boundaries of dance music, Hector is quickly becoming the face of the future: ?Dance music is huge in Europe because that?s their culture. They grew up on dance music. But hip-hop and R&B is something they learned from us. So here in America, I?ll be fighting for it and I hope for it to grow and get bigger.?

Lady Alma pt one

Her fans run the gamut - from progressive artists like Moby, Kindred the Family Soul, India.Arie, Joan Osborne, Musiq and Les Nubians to regular working-class folk in West London clubs and West Philly barber shops. In cities everywhere from Atlanta and Amsterdam to Toronto and Tokyo, vocal sensation Alma Horton -- known to her fans worldwide as LADY ALMA - has become the name to know, deemed "the heart & soul of Philadelphia's soul scene" and heralded as "the truth in a roomful of lies" among tastemaker's circles.

Introduced to captive crowds via King Britt's acclaimed 1998 LP, When The Funk Hits the Fan as part of his groundbreaking Sylk 130 collective, LADY ALMA's since been catapulted to senior solo status, exemplified by the 20-plus barrage of irresistible songs she's blessed with her choral magic - among them, Fanatix' stunning "Higher" and "Gimme That Music" from Masters At Work's In The House compilation (Osiris); Rednose Distrikt's "Gotta Make A Move" (Rush Hour), 4Hero's anthemic "Hold It Down" (Talkin' Loud) and two highly-anticipated tracks by Japanese superproducer Yukihiro Fukutomi, "Peace" and "Hooked" (File).

One of the most widely-praised songbirds to surface from the ever-fertile City of Brotherly Love, LADY ALMA counts Philadelphia City Paper's 2002 Best Female Vocalist Award and Temple University's 2004 Sisters Defining Sisters Award for Artistic Excellence among her recent accolades, arguably due to her amazing vocal dexterity and engagingly gritty live shows. "Even if you're into something completely different -- punk, indie rock, bluegrass -- you won't be able to resist the Power of the Pipes: She just blows you away," opines the Philadelphia Weekly. "And the more she sings -- and scats and wails and whispers -- the more excited the audience gets, until you've got a full-on revival-style meeting." "If you've never seen LADY ALMA live," attests Audioglyphix magazine, "she comes correct. If it's at Black Lily, Afrorikan Vybe, opening for Cee-Lo at the TLA or when she was part of the Sylk 130 tour, LADY ALMA is the real deal."

"Being on stage feels like sitting at home, relaxing. It's natural," Horton says of the high-voltage connection she creates with her audiences. "They give me such positivity, and some give me skepticism - at first. That makes me want to show them, 'I can do this thing. And you can appreciate it.' Most of 'em do. I'm blessed to have them receive me so well."

"Every so often, an angel is sent down to heal us in time of need. Alma is one of these angels," Britt says of his longtime sister-in-arms. "Her voice and words are what every human being needs to hear, so that we can continue to live and breathe. Her gift to us is timeless." And it obviously didn't go unnoticed: PW recently listed When The Funk Hits The Fan as #34 in its "100 Best Philly Albums of All Time" issue, citing "the supreme choice of untapped local luminaries like Vicki Miles, Alma Horton and Alison Crockette belting out an original blend of funk, soul and house."

Born in San Diego, LADY ALMA found her voice at the age of three, keeping pace with an adult church choir. By the time she was 10, Alma had already toured the country coast to coast, a firm foundation for the extensive musical and vocal instruction gleaned from illustrious Philadelphia institutions such as the Girard Academic Music Program, Settlement Music School and the renowned Freedom Theater, where she also studied theater and dance.

"The best part of that type of creative environment was learning and grasping musical theory, but not just the stodgy kind," Alma says of her formal-yet-informal training. "We were reading notes and writing songs, but also being taught to be individuals, to find our own unique selves in music. And I learned that, where others walk straight, I'd rather zig-zag. I don't want to be boxed in."

Lady Alma pt 2

She's put that philosophy into practice over the years, having collaborated with some of music's best and brightest -- Zapp Mama ("Show Me The Way"), DJ Spinna ("Chances"), DKD ("Getaway"), Baby Blak ("Daddy Dearest"), DJ Mitsu The Beats ("Away") and 4Hero ("Hold It Down" and "Somethin' But Nothin'") - but it is her long-awaited debut that illustrates it full force. The album features an impressive roster of globally-revered sonic craftsmen and producers - King Britt, James Poyser, Dego McFarlane, Rich Medina and Cee Knowledge - who, with Alma, helped create its heady blend of mind-blowing vocal arrangements and category-defying musical styles. Internationally-renowned, London-based innovator Mark DeClive-Lowe also contributed four songs to the project, calling LADY ALMA "one of the most deadly and effective singer/songwriters I've ever come across."

Paired in the studio, their dual magic is undeniable, exemplified in the amazing records they made together, among them the urgent soul-stirrer "Running For Nothing," the frenetic "Keep On Moving," the sensual "Gotta Be A Way" and "The Pressure," a grinding reminder in troubling times that "the sun will shine again." Alma and Mark also created an incredible reworking of the Michael Jackson classic, "I Can't Help It," which, while it won't be featured on LADY ALMA's debut album, will certainly be causing a stir on dance floors worldwide.

"That's a great joint," De Clive-Lowe says of his favorite track on the LP, "Running For Nothing." "The song's message is great, I dig the melodies and harmonies, the beats came together nicely, and it's not quite like anything I've ever heard before. As far as 'I Can't Help It,' for both of us, it's one of our favorite songs of all time. It's pretty deep to cover a song where you got Stevie [Wonder], Quincy [Jones] and Michael [Jackson] all up in there on the original. They created a classic. We came with a complete flip, though, and I think people are going to be feeling it for sure."

Armed with critical global acclaim, standing-room-only shows and a discography that rivals the music industry's heaviest hitters. LADY ALMA is already making an artistic impact that even she can't yet fathom. And thank God. It's the effortless mix of fire, humility and poise that serves as the foundation that's catapulting her to dizzying heights. The sky's the limit for LADY ALMA, and she's got the relentless support of her ever-widening circle of friends and fans as the wind in her wings.

"I'm ecstatic about being able to work with so many great people on so many great songs," Alma says. "You can't have a closed mind in music. If your mind's closed, you're not going to grow. Music's not just one petal, it's an entire flower with many petals, many seeds, made up of many sounds and inspirations. Growth comes from inspiration, but in order to be inspired, you have to first inspire yourself."

Venus 7

Venus 7 first got into the music scene in NYC/NJ then moved to Chicago in 95', and began her DJ career while attending Columbia College(Chicago) for sound engineering. she then started playing all over the mid-west and gainded the respect of the underground scene as well as the club scene. Playing major clubs alongside other international DJs. Venus 7 has travelled all over the globe from London to Tokyo, from Chicago to NY. The opera house, Bournemouth-UK, Spin, Kid FM Radio-London, Roxy-Boston, Avalon-NYC, Groove-Tokyo, Japan, Twilightt-Hong Kong, Image Lounge and Xpander-Amsterdam just to name a few of the multiple areas and clubs she has had the pleasure of spinning at. Her experience goes beyond the tables, having majored in electronic music production and booking numerous clubs. Her love for Deep-Funky-Tribal House is obvious and can't be denied. Her ability to read a crowd, and attention to detail is only rivaled by her intensity on the decks. Never wasting a second, whether she is DJing, writing music and sound engineering her work ethic is unparallel. This hard working businesswoman proves time and time again that her dedication for the music is as strong as the kindnesss and love in her heart. Look out for her upcoming projects for the Soul Pleasure Tour (featuring Eman and Marcus McGowan), The Remix Tour (With headliner DJ Dayhota), Planetsoul Network, Chicago Fever, and 88.5 WUNR, Chicago's underground radio station. Venus 7 is constantly on the prowl of a unique and reviving of the scene kind of venture. In a new Female DJ revolution, Venus 7 is coming out with her guns fully loaded. If nothing else, you can definately say that Venus 7 is a well rounded, dedicated, hard working, caring, experienced and energetic talent that everyone could use in their lives to enrich their own musical outlook and experiences.

The Baraness Von So Def

Erica Baran aka The Baraness Von So Def! ? DEEP in the MIX of LIFE! Eyes closed feelin? the vibe deep inside, body movin? to the beat, hands workin? the mixer like an instrument, and beautiful smile enticing the crowd to come on the journey with her? now you have the image of the queen of Philly DJs, The Baraness, deep in the mix! Abstract art was the original expression of Erica?s creativity. Once a turntable was added to her ?creativity mix? after she graduated college, The Baraness really began to turn it out! House music, of all genres, is her passion? and passionate is a great way to describe Erica as her passion for life and how she lives it clearly comes through in her choice of music and her style of mixing. The Baraness began DJing at parties and then grew to guest appearances at venues such as Bubble House (Sundae), Swanky Bubbles, Pure, Mansion, Ullana?s, London, and New York City. Recently, notable residencies at Sisters (12? Happy Hour) and Fluid (Monday Night Social) combined with opening sets for Andy Caldwell, Frankie Feliciano, Alex Alvarez, J Boogie, Robbie Tronco, and Stacy Kidd have solidified Erica as a house music force in the city of brotherly (and sisterly) love! Erica has also been involved with the commercial end of the music business with her mix CD and podcast series (12? Happy Hour and Haste Siempre), with promotions for Agave Records, and as a freelance writer for Bassline Magazine. In addition, she has also shared her music with the masses on 91.7 FM in Philadelphia and Internet radio. Erica? The Baraness, brings an energy wherever she plays and with a diversity of audiences. So, hurry to hear her at a venue near you or through one of her mix CDs or podcasts and allow The Baraness to deftly mix her way into your mind, body, and SOUL! DEL ? September 2007 The Baddest Bitch in this world- written by Lee Jones

Dj Joey Crawford

His love of house started in the late 80's at the age of 13, buying the only way to hear house music, on vinyl. Engulfing himself in the house music seen in the 90's, Joey developed a love for house music. After purchasing his first set of turntables, he began to play local parties and venues throughout the Philadelphia area. After spinning for several years, it was time to start into production where he is right now. Joining the Sound Between Movement label with friend and respected producer Sean Thomas in 2002, Joey has released two co-production EP's and looks to release a several solo projects in the future. Influenced by various artists such as Pete Moss and JT Donaldson, he has developed a soulful sound characterized by deep vocals and soulful house. Joey has made a name for himself with floorfilling mixes and an energizing deep house sound. He is currently working on solo projects and running the Sound Between Movement Label.

Dj Sean Thomas

Sean's djing began in 1994 after a few years of hanging out at raves and clubs in Philadelphia, New York, DC, and Baltimore. Early influences from Philly greats King Britt, Josh Wink, and Dozia, New York's Onionz and Joeski, and friends O'keef, Rob Paine and Pete Moss helped form Sean into the exceptional DJ he is today. In addition to numerous events and residencies in Philadelphia, Sean has DJed all over the US including: New York, San Francisco, Denver, Portland, San Diego, New Orleans, Minneapolis, and Miami. Sean is also responsible for putting on some of the biggest and most memorable parties on the East Coast throughout the 90's as 1/4 of the Circle Crew. The "IT" parties, as they are known, were a series of big and not so big events that featured ground-breaking DJs and Producers such as Mark Farina, Stacy Pullen, Derrick Carter, and Robert Hood -to name a few. The Circle Crew also hosted a weekly for a few years called "Yoman" where they continued to book top house Djs from around the US and beyond. For nearly 4 years, as the 90's ended and we moved into the 00's, Sean held a residency with Pete Moss at the now famous club Fluid. Their Saturday nights were called "Steady". Defined by their relentlessly grooving sets, Sean and Pete worked the tightly knit crowd week in, week out only letting up to allow guests such as JT Donaldson, Alton Miller, Miguel 'Migs', Julius Papp, Dave Alvarado, Jef K. and Miles Holloway to step in and handle the seasoned following.

In 1998, Sean embarked on his production career alongside Pete Moss for the 2nd release on Pete's imprint, Recline Records. Their ep "18 City Blocks" was received well in the States and in Europe getting charted by Charles Webster and Josh Wink. The duo followed with a remix for the DIY crew in England that same year. In 2000, Sean started Sound Between Movement Recordings. With oodles of solo productions unreleased, Sean is poised to drop new releases on his own imprint with hopes of expanding his music to labels throughout the globe.

Dj Miles Maeda

Miles Maeda was one of the pioneering members of Chicago?s club and rave scene in the early 90?s. Originally hailing from Hawaii, Miles? influence in the Midwest was unique and made longlasting impressions. His classical background and training inspired him to experiment with many different styles and genres which shone forth in his prolific studio productions and live performances, enriching Chicago for many years.

With his partners DJ Colette and Josh Werner (Antenna), he co-founded the 'Material' night at Shelter, a weekly event supporting and featuring new house music from '94-'96. It provided a home for artists like Derrick Carter, Mark Farina, Sneak, Diz, Cajmere, Moodymann, Herbert and many others.

He also develop an ambient/downtempo night, 'Atmospheric Audio Chair', along with Josh and Ken Waagner (Hit It) from '93-'95 which became a favorite haunt of one Mixmaster Morris.

And his current residency at the Smartbar, celebrating 8 years (1998-2006), has also been an anchor in the new house music scene along with nights featuring Smartbar co-residents DJ Heather, DJ Colette, Kaskade and Justin Long (No Assembly Firm).

Miles' creative projects continued to blossom after his relocation to California where he created such works as 'Things Are Things' EP (Aroma), 'Tell Me Why' EP (Lowdown), and 'The New House Sound of Chicago' (Igloo/Smartbar/Shure). His current projects include the 'Three Easy Pieces? EP (Dae), 'I?ts My World? EP (Bump) and 'I?ll Be A Freak For You' remix for Swirl People (Aroma).

Alongside his creative music lifestyle, Miles is also a certified yoga teacher (World Evolution Yoga), traveling the world (Traveling Love Show) to share these tools of transformation alongside his DJ shows. He also runs a DJ/music production program (DJ Evolution) to assist those wishing to cultivate a deeper creative connection to DJing and electronic music production. Now residing in Los Angeles, Miles? current endeavor is his new record label (Bopsa) which will feature releases by Derrick Carter, Lawnchair Generals, Swirl People and Kaskade.

Dj Enrico Mantini

Dj and composer, Enrico Mantini has been producing house music since 1990.

After the early teen age were spent training electric bass and listening records, he began djing in 1987 at the age of 15 and soon moved playing at some of the best italian clubs.

Since nineties his production resume includes releases on various labels from indie legendary UMM and Irma Records to major RCA, BMG and Virgin, crossing Italy, Uk, Belgium, Netherlands to Usa, Brazil and Japan...

It was back in 1992 that he was sacred as one of the best italian producers coming from the UMM roster... club anthems such as Enrico Mantini feat. X Woman's "What U Want", Transitive Elements' Ep vol. 1-2-3, Riviera Kids' "Find It" and Angels Of Music "So This World" were supported by the best djs all over the world...

Actually, with over 16 years of production background, Enrico continues in producing new tracks and performing dj gigs as a way to express his musical attitude to the world... He also maintains regular radio mixshows on 80 Proof FM (USA), SSRadio (England), 105 Channel 5 (Italy), Radio 42 (Germany) and many other stations...

Dj Christian James

The dance floor is a place where people come together as one. One Mind. One Body. One Soul. Following their beat, their pulse. The DJ is the heart of the beat, the guide on their journey. The DJ that guides them is Christian James. Part of the incredible pool of talent that continues to flow from the City of Brotherly Love, Christian has set himself as the barometer of hot & cool every time he awakens the dance floor. 12 years of work have taken him from classic Philly clubs like Smoke & The Black Banana, to the shores of the United Kingdom. There, he graced Leeds, Manchester & Liverpool with his talent, & then came back for more with residencies at Philly?s Tribecca Nightclub, Lounge 125, Suede Lounge, Lounge 114, 32 Degrees, Glam & Marmont...

"I like to open people up to new things, new sounds. Giving them something they?ve never heard before. Every trip onto the floor should be an experience." From hip-hop & deep, vocal house, to tech funk, Christian flavors the experience with a unique, organic feel. "I might start with a jazz vocal, then bring in something tribal & maybe some deep trance, just to take the audience someplace unexpected." In 2005, we can expect more of the unexpected from Christian, with DJ sets at the 2005 Winter Music Conference as well as more dates in the UK, & with his original work with his Soulson Music imprint. "Over the three years, I?ve done writing & production on 2 Next Men albums in the UK and am now working on my own EP for Soulson." And what can we expect on his own project? "I want to add a more percussive & compositional feel to my music. Adding live elements & musicians in the studio & onstage, as well, to evoke a stronger emotional response for the listener. I want to give my music more of an improvisational quality & let it evolve as the moment dictates." Wherever that moment takes us, Christian James will be there.

Dj Dozia

Every city's club scene has its secret weapon. New York has Joe Claussell, Toronto has Freaky Flow and Sneak, San Fran has Mark Farina and Philadelphia has Dozia Blakey. You might not know him, but his music is familiar to DJs and club people worldwide. Tunes like the hypnotic 'Pop Kulture', the smoothness of 'Steal Away' or the deepness of 'Shape Shifter', has made him a household name in the industry. Dozia is currently working on many projects, most importantly his first full lenth album,due sometime in 2002, and of course still working on remixes and original tracks. He also expanded into television again for the 6th time in his career to work with Channel 12 in the States or known to some as the public broadcasting service, he is now working on another documentary entitled "The Mural" based on 3 philly artists doing wall art, due on TV in late July.

Worldwide - Rob Yancey

DJ Glenn Thornton Bio

A New Jersey native, Glenn has been a DJ for many years. Most notably as a resident DJ for the long running New York Sunday party Together in Spirit. Glenn has also played clubs in Philadelphia, Baltimore, Newark and Chicago. His style ranges from funky, sexy lounge to banging, sexy energy.

Glenn Thornton is owner of SLAAG Productions, Inc. the home to house music labels SLAAG RECORDS and SLAAG TRAAX. SLAAG Productions, Inc has been releasing records and promoting its artists for over 4 years.

SLAAG RECORDS is an artist, song driven label. Its focus is releasing and promoting vocal artists that can perform their material whether in a small club, a big club or an arena setting. SLAAG RECORDS is moving toward releasing full length CDs and using single releases as the promotional tool.

SLAAG TRAAX is a single release driven label. It releases instrumental tracks/songs, vocals that are not full songs and soulful electronic sounds. It will also serve as the test bed for artists that may release full length Cds but are establishing themselves through single releases.

Artists with releases on SLAAG RECORDS and/or SLAAG TRAAX:

Dawn Tallman
Wendy Lewis & The Hi-Phazers
Darryl D?Bonneau
Stephanie Cooke
Eddie Nicholas
The 1200 Warriors
Pure Elevation
The Rhthym Slaves

Dj J-Boogie

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingTaking care of business worldwide and hailing from San Francisco, CA, J-Boogie is the man to call when the party needs that special spice! Long recognized as one of the hardest working and most soulful DJs/producers in the bay, J Boogie takes his multi-genre musical paths to the next step with his signature blend of dub, soul, hip-hop, dancehall, classics, latin, afrobeat and house combined into a musical gumbo. This mix master host with the most always brings the flavor to the table, step back, lean forward, relax your mind and take a taste of the good stuff.

For over 10 years, J-Boogie has honed his craft as an artist in the Bay Area music scene in clubs and on his award winning radio-show ?Beatsauce? on KUSF. Voted ?San Francisco's Best Radio and Club DJ? by and ?Best Hip Hop Radio Show by SF Bay Guardian, J-Boogie consistently delivers the goods in smoking diverse, sexy, party-rocking DJ sets. He?s played alongside some of the industry?s most talented performers including Mark Farina, Talib Kweli, Kruder and Dorfmeister, People Under the Stairs, King Britt, Greyboy, DJ Spinna, DJ Krush, Marc Rae, DJ Vadim, Mix Master Mike and more!

Touring nationally on the sold out Sounds of Om Tour and Deeper Concentration Tour, the J Boogie sound has touched down in clubs all over including the legendary Fillmore Theatre (San Francisco, CA), The Root Down & Little Temple Bar (Los Angeles, CA), Turntables on the Hudson and APT (NYC), and Opium Garden (Miami Beach, FL). Recording and performing with his band Dubtronic Science, J Boogie brings another dimension to his turntable sets by incorporating LIVE musicians including sax, percussion, drums, sitar, flute and vocals.

The J-Boogie?s Dubtronic Science self-titled debut album on Om Records is a testament that all good music comes from the soul. Featuring artists like Goapele, Gina Rene, People Under the Stairs, Capital A, Tony Moses and Raashan Ahmad, Dubtronic Science is a favorite with Jason Bentley and Garth Trinidad at KCRW and has music licensed to The Playboy Mansion video game, MTV's Real World, ESPN?s top selling football video game ESPN 2K5 and received critical acclaim in URB, Complex, Billboard, XLR8R, YRB and BPM.

In the Fall of 2004, J-Boogie?s Dubtronic Scienc takes their next step in global funktifiaction with the release of their first ever LIVE mix on Om Records. ?Live! in the Mix? blends the Dubtronic Science band with the turntable mastery of J Boogie weaving in original tracks from Amp Fiddler, Goapele, Soulstice, Talib Kweli, Marc Rae, Quantic, Thievery Corporation and of course J Boogie himself. The new 12" from the mix features the hit single ?Purple Perpendicular Phonics? featuring P.E.A.C.E. of Freestyle Fellowship and Raashan Ahmad of Crown City Rockers rhyming over percussive-heavy afrobeats. On the politically minded ?You?re the Murdera? B-Side, Tony Moses, Deuce Eclipse and Zion I get deep and heavy on George W. over a fatty reggae/hip-hop joint.

Featured on all nine volumes of the influential compilation Om Lounge, as well as the legendary hip hop series Deeper Concentration (Om), Audio Alchemy II (Ubiquity Records), Urban Revolutions (Future Primitive), Docking Sequence (BSI Records) and the soundtrack for Ubisoft's XIII video game the production talent of J Boogie continues on remixes for Mark Farina, Soulstice, Romanowski, DJ Zeph and Systemwide.

Dj Josh Wink Biography Pt 1

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingJosh Wink has always run ahead of the pack, as a DJ, label owner, producer, remixer, and artist. With the release of Profound Sounds Vol. 2, Wink continues to forge ahead, challenging established conventions of what a mix CD should be, not only by remaining true to his mercurial aesthetic as a DJ, but also taking advantage of technology to fine-tune his selections into the best possible recorded representation of Josh Wink.

?Profound Sounds Vol. 1 is one of my favorite compilations ? it just happens that I made it," says Wink of the new album's 1999 predecessor. "It represents me, and the way I combine house and techno, in both my DJ sets and as a producer, pretty well. I'm not one for holding people to one specific genre; I love being on the median in between."

The sound of Josh Wink today remains one of a man unafraid to walk the border between stylistic boundaries. Profound Sounds Vol. 2 starts off dark and atmospheric with ?Form Is Emptiness? by Swayzak, then quickly builds momentum with the minimal and melodic Joshua Main mix of Rithma's ?Tracks for a Weirder Day.? The 73-minute mix incorporates hints of old school Chicago house ("Make A Move" by Minimal Man), electro ("E Series 2" by Frankie Bones), and even Latin and tribal house ("Auburn" by David Alvarado). Perhaps the finest example of Wink's refusal to limit his play list to any one genre comes at the three-quarter mark, when he integrates Aaron Carl's paean to house music, "The Word," over techno-flavored tracks courtesy of Rino Cerrone and Mr. G.

Unlike most of the mix CDs clogging the shelves, Profound Sounds Vol. 2 doesn't attempt to cash in on the latest trends or mega-hits. "We could have gone that route, and signed a couple of really big tracks, and put a sticker on the front that says, 'Includes the hit so-and-so?,' and everybody would go, 'Oh, I know that one,'" Wink admits. "But my integrity as an artist doesn't allow me to do that. I used tracks on this compilation that span a big period of time: Some older ones, some newer ones, and some unreleased.? And he made sure to include a few more of his own cuts this time around, including the hypnotic modulations of "Oakish," the Blakkat remix of "Superfreak (Freak)," and his own South Philly Acid Pass redux of Dave Clarke's driving "Compass."

But making Profound Sounds Vol. 2 didn't just begin and end with picking the tracks and sequencing them in a suitable order. After that step, he tailored every cut to meet his specific requirements for this mix. "Every track is re-edited as a Josh Wink re-edit. I don't end up compromising the integrity of the original art, I just altered it to fit my contour." Only after customizing each song was he ready to record the final version of the set. "In a sense, I did the mix twice," he observes.

Dj Josh Wink Biography Pt 2

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingTowards that same end as an added value, Wink included a bonus disc to Profound Sounds Vol. 2, which features both audio and video content. The aural component includes the CD debut of four Wink productions previously available on vinyl only: The original "Superfreak (Freak)," "Evil Acid," "How's Your Evening So Far" (featuring Lil Louis), and "What You Mean To Me" by Range of Motion. The visual portion of the disc reveals an in-depth interview with Wink featuring studio and live footage, detailing the intricate process of making the record. "It's important to me to let people know what I did on this to make this disc different, rather than just mixing it," he reiterates.

Of course, diehard Wink fans expect nothing less from this artist, who has been breaking new ground for the past two decades. In the late 1980s and early '90s, when most of the U.S. was just waking up to rave culture, Wink ? who had been working as a mobile DJ in his hometown of Philadelphia since he was 13 years old ? was already making his own tracks ("Tribal Confusion" by E-Culture, with his former partner King Britt) and hauling his records around the country to spin at burgeoning clubs and parties.

In 1995, Wink became one of the first DJ-producers to translate his hard work into mainstream success, when he unleashed a string of classics, including "Don't Laugh," "I'm Ready," and "Higher State of Consciousness," that topped charts worldwide, and made him a bona fide pop star in Europe. On his 1998 album, HereHear, Wink pushed boundaries even further, inviting fellow artists as diverse as Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails), Caroline Crawley (Shelleyann Orphan/This Mortal Coil), and Philly poet-performer Ursula Rucker (Jazzanova, The Roots), to contribute to a far-reaching disc that ran the gamut of electronic music styles, from ambient and trip-hop to drum & bass, as well as the trademark mix of house and techno on which Wink has built his international reputation.

Since the release of the first Profound Sounds compilation in 1999, Wink has been concentrating on various projects, including continuing to oversee operations of his Ovum Recordings record label. Over the past year Josh has released another two dance floor anthems, ?How?s your evening so far? and most recently ?Superfreak?, both of which continue his tradition of making distinct music that catches people?s ears and inspires others to compose their own music. Although he used to bristle at requests to remix other artists ("because you sell the rights away, and don't own them any more, even though the remix is basically all your own music), lately he's grown to enjoy that gig more, turning out such notable overhauls as his recent reworking of "Blue Jeans" for Ladytron, Paul Oakenfold's ?Starry Eyed Surprise,? and Depeche Mode?s ?Free Love.? Wink hopes to compile his favorite remix gems on a CD collection soon. He's also working on some songs with fellow Philly denizen G. Love (as in, G. Love & Special Sauce), and hopefully further collaborations and production gigs with other like- and open-minded musicians.

"I get bored if I do the same thing" Wink concludes. "Some people get pigeonholed as being into just one thing. I hate that. When there are rules, it doesn't become art, and it?s not fun. I've learned that you can't please everybody, so I?d rather be concerned with making good art, and the people that like this art will stick with you." Profound Sounds Vol. 2 is classic Josh Wink. It dares to be different. It is good art. And, most importantly, it is great fun.

For press info contact:
Matt Brookman

Dj King Britt Biography

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingRarely will you find a talent whose vision supersedes the boundaries of genre, until you have met King Britt. This Philadelphia native has found a way to escape the boundaries of a single category of music by expressing his creations through deep house, hip-hop, broken beat, nu-jazz, funk and afro-tech. He has been honing his DJ and production skills for the greater part of a decade. The result: a pioneer of all things soulful, rhythmically textured and melodically provocative.

King began his DJ tenure in 1992 when he became the wax poet for the Grammy award winning Digable Planets. Together with Ishmael ?Butterfly? Butler, Doodlebug and Ladybug, this quartet changed the face of modern hip hop by fusing skat style jazz with the ingenious lyrical witticisms of Butterfly?s Kafka inspired language. While touring the globe with Digable Planets, King continued to develop his love of the dance music culture by making numerous appearances in house music clubs all over the world. With his gifted knowledge of music past, present and future, he crafted timeless sets that remain legendary. These international escapades set the stage for his planetary DJ career. He continues to deliver performances as a house, hip-hop, funk and even 80?s DJ, to adoring fans the world over.

1994 witnessed the birth of King?s Sylk130 collective. This ensemble of top notch Philadelphia musicians and performers, including Ursula Rucker, Alma Horton and Alison Crockette, collaborated to create a tribute to the funkafied Philly of the ?70s and, in 1996, release the full length LP ?When the Funk Hits the Fan (Ovum/Sony).? As a follow-up to this red-hot debut, ?Re-Members Only (Six Degrees)? was released in 2001 to pay homage to the dance music of the 80?s. This time, King consulted British chanteuse Alison Moyet of Yaz fame, ABC?s Martin Frye and Grover Washington Jr. to craft what Gear magazine referred to as ?an album that flows like a dope mix tape from a bygone era of Britt?s own imagination.? A third installment of this incomplete trilogy will be dedicated to the future, a finishing touch that is eagerly awaited.

As a return to his love for hip hop, King released ?Adventures in Lo-Fi,? a full-length album of original tracks for the highly acclaimed BBE Records Beat Generation Series in March 2003 (BBE/Rapster Records.) For this, he called in Ishmael ?Butterfly? Butler, Quasimoto and Bahamadia to drop serious licks over space-aged beats. The album is based sonically and lyrically on the cult film by John Sayles ?Brother From Another Planet,? the experience of a Black alien who departs slavery on his own planet only to arrive on Earth to find similar entrapments. The album achieved recognition in Mixer Magazine, Straight No Chaser and many other prestigious publications.

As a remix producer, King has flipped and funked everyone from Macy Gray and Tori Amos to Yoko Ono and Femi Kuti. He is included amongst Masters at Work and Joe Claussell on Verve Records (2000) ?Remixed? compilation. This same year, his remix of breakthrough artist Josh One?s ?Contemplation (5.1 Entertainment)? was nominated for the Dancestar Remix of the Year award, alongside remixes by Danny Tenaglia and Basement Jaxx, placing him in the ranks of the top notch, most sought after remixers in the world. He has just completed remixes (2004) for the likes of Curtis Mayfiled, Ojays, Gamble and Huff, Destiny?s Child and George Duke, placing him in the elite category of kof legendary remixer.

Dj King Britt Biography pt 2

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingAs a curator of remixes, King and a team of his favorite producers reinvented the original work of the Philadelphia Experiment?s Ahmir ??uestlove? Thompson, Uri Caine and Christian McBride (Ropeadope Records 2002.) With his unfaltering ability to discover the latest new talents and his appreciation for those who have paved the way, he also curated an LP of original material for Japanese label Handcut Records, with choice cuts from Jody Watley, Yesterday?s New Quintet and Ivana Santilli.

He has also just been commissioned for remixes for Gamble and Huff, Curtis Mayfiled, Everything But the Girl, Chic and Edwin Star !!

As his ?Scuba? moniker, King released ?Hidden Treasures (Om Records)? in July 2002. This compilation of lushly layered underwater inspired house remixes features new versions of songs by 4hero, Fantastic Plastic Machine and Michelle Shaprow. A full length of original Scuba material is slated for 2003 release.

Never one to hog the spotlight, he recently collaborated with Nigerian born producer Oba Funke to create ?Cosmo Afrique (Karma Giraffe 2002),? an LP of original Afro-Tech productions that features the vocal stylings of Soul II Soul?s Wumni, Zap Mama and Diva Blue and is an exploration of polyrhythmic beats, chants and tribal grooves. Oba Funke celebrated a massive premiere at the 2002 Winter Music Conference, where Radio One?s Gilles Peterson named ?Bush Workout? as one of the hottest debut tracks at the WMC.

When he?s not busy in the studio or trotting the globe, King can be found at the office of FiveSixMedia, his Multi-Media, Studio and Marketing Corporation. Together with his team of Ronald Clark, George Lawrence, Dozia Blakey and Justin Paul, FiveSixMedia provides music production, video production and editing and market branding services.
The team has helped with the marketing of Toyota?s Scion and Motorola?s Razor phone.

The team has launched FIVESIXRECORDINGS. As a part of the Studio Distribution family, FiveSixRecordings has released forward thinking music that will defy the gravities of genre. October 2004 marked the release of the label?s first cd sampler, This is What Radio Should Sound Like.

Out now is the long awaited Sister Gertrude Morgan project, based around the famous painter?s evangelistic work, a mix cd for Kinkysweet and a Greatest Hits package of remixes and productions on V2 !?

Whether, it?s hip-hop or house, Afro tech or funk, musicman or businessman, there are no limits to what King

Dj Lars Behrenroth

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingThe story begins in Cuxhaven, Germany with organ lessons at an early age, spinning records at his school dance parties to enjoying people dancing to his music all around the world and back to Los Angeles where he relocated in April 2004.

While in Hamburg, Germany he attended audio engineering school where he completed his first remix projects in 1996. Shortly after that he collaborated with Michael Carstensen as "Birth of Cool." After a year of working in the studio and a handful of remixes (ie. MJ Cole "Sincere" on EDEL, Martha Cinader "Living it" on LSL, NYC) the duo decided to move on and focus on their own individual projects. That very same year, Lars began co-hosting "House Sound of Hamburg" (HSH) on a local radio station. In 1998 with much success he brought the exclusive mix show to Evosonic Radio, a European-wide electronic and dance music radio station. The weekly three-hour house music mix show was a big hit and hosted artists from around the world such as Deep Swing, Mateo & Matos, Paul Johnson, and DJ Pierre to name a few. The show went on to syndicate on the New York underground on-line radio station, Streetsound, as well as "CyberRadio & CyberRadio TV," the first German internet-broadcasting station which he launched, programmed, managed and along with Constantin Groll hosted the longest house music mix show on the net, "GlobalHouseConnection" (GHC), an 8-hour Saturday night marathon which can now be heard on Sundays @

His new show, "Deeper Shades of House" can be heard nationwide in the US on XM Satellite Radio, THE MOVE (Channel 80).

As a producer Lars has accumulated an impressive discography. You can find his music under his name and BOC Productions. Over the years he has released and album and numerous 12"s on labels such as Chez Music NYC, Deep4Life- Chicago, Compost, TOI - Germany and has remixed artists Kathy Brown, The Rurals , Pressure (95North Records), Deep Swing, Dubtribe, MJ Cole, Alma Horton, Slope, Q-Burns Abstract Message feat. Lisa Shaw, Arnold Jarvis and more.

To learn more about Lars Behrenroth, listen to his music and online mixes, please visit

Dj Lee Jones - Biography

"I play music for the people, Dj's don't dance." Lee Jones circa 1994

Every city has a person, that is not know by the mainstream, but is truly respected and followed by the underground. In the 5th largest city in the United States that title fall onto Lee Jones. His name is shouted throughout the North East Coast and whispered around the world. Thousands of people have danced to his music and have gone home completly satisfied.

Learning from fellow friends and world renowned Dj/Producers King Britt, Dozia Blakey & Josh Wink. Lee paid his dues opening for many parties in the Philly, D.C. & NYC area. However, what would normally take others years to accomplish, Lee mastered quickly. Three months after his first time ever touching the tables, Lee secured a job at Rivial, a popular underground club in Philadelphia. Instantly, he gained a loyal following with his selections of new & old tunes. Within the year, Lee was offered the Saturday night slot at the infamous Black Banana, a private and trend setting club in America. The clientele was the who's who of the Tri-State area. Lee's residency maxed the clubs capacity every night and soon people were arriving early to get a space on the dance floor for his now famous "Love Deluxe" party.

Looking for a larger venue "where more people could dance", Lee took his party over to Shampoo, a mega club w/ a capacity of 3,000 dancers. There, with more free reign and a unlimited promotional budget, Lee created some of the most memorable nights in Philadlephia. Being loyal to his following, while at Shampoo, Lee began a policy that he still holds true today. "if you are not here to dance, please move off the dance floor." After this announcement would be made over the P.A., security was instructed to sweep non-dancers off the floor and allow room for those who wanted to participate. Immediately more offers came in for Lee's talents and soon he was spinning between many clubs on the East Coast including NYC's Life Night Club.

Not satisfied with his position, Lee planned a party on Tuesdays, the slowest night in Philly at the time. The party was called "Judy Boots" and took place in a remote part of Center City Philly. By the first anniversary, the crowd would often swell into the thousands, in fact the club installed speakers outside to accomidate those who could not fit into the venue. Soon "Judy Boots" became the biggest party in Philly and rivaled many clubs on Saturday night. People from all over would swarm in and jam to the soulful, sexy sounds of Dj Lee Jones. For five years, the party surpassed all expectations with dj's from around the world coming in to guest spot with Lee. The party was such a success that Lee created an after party called "Ruby Lounge" that continued the vibe as well as the large numbers of people.

Playing "House in all it's forms". Lee keeps the dance floor going. Known for his Vocal House selections, club goers are never surprised to hear obsucure cuts that make everyone scream in excitment. During this time,Lee's demand was do high that he played eleven parties a week. No matter what day of the week of time of night, thousands got thier proper dose of House music from Lee. He is now known lovingly as the "hardest working Dj in town." Currently Lee has cut down his schedule to spend time supporting other up & coming Dj's and to work on other collaborations. For years rumors have surfaced of several music releases under an alias, Lee will not confirm these rumors.

Never one to do anything ordinary. Lee has traveled the world extensively, but chooses only a few select places to spin. He has lifted dancers hands in London, Barcolona, Melbourne, & Paris to name a few, but Philly is where his heart is. Lee just like the "casualness of the city". When ever you're in the area stop by and hear Lee at work. He always says " my music is better than my bio anyway."

Dj Lil Dave

Say the name 'lil'dave' and an ingenue of class and aural distinction comes to mind. lil'dave channels the far reaches of the soul, all the while effortlessly combining taste, groove, and appeal with today's technology. Although his roots are in hip-hop, lil'dave is most widely known for his electronic escapades through house, broken beat, brazilia, acid jazz, funk and UK-inspired soul and rare groove. Through these genres, lil'dave defines his signature sound.

On any given day, lil'dave can be found behind the boards producing, in the crates digging, at the beats grinding, at the turntables creating. With demeanor calm and levels tuned, lil'dave brings crowds from Philly to Rome and the world over to a fever pitch, leaving them parched for more. He takes great delight in pleasing his treasured following and making them happy through the power of DJing.
Whether it be through showcasing rarefied gems on his legendary radio program or providing sonic leaflets as 1/5 of the multifaceted Illvibe
Collective, lil'dave has the talent, drive, and the penchant for the art of moving butts.

Simply stated, lil'dave is the future of the funk.

Dj Mark Grant

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingFollowing the success of Om?s first Sound Design album mixed by Los Angeles? house legend Marques Wyatt, comes the perfect counterpart to further the soulful house tradition. Receiving national attention in the late nineties as Cajual Record's top gun producer, Mark Grant has enjoyed mass appeal with "Dancin'" as Chicago Connection and the Braxton Holmes EP, as well as remixes for Holmes, Glenn Underground, Andre Harris and Green Velvet. Building off his stardom, Mark has also recorded material for Guidance, whose ?Spirit of the Black Ghost" and "Fly with me" remixes remain popular with house heads around the globe. Coverage of Mark?s career has landed him features in such heralded publications as Mixmag, DMA and URB.

Djing has been a major factor in Mark?s rise to international stardom. Using a mixing style that emphasizes tension and release, Mark lets tracks work together to create movements in the mix that take it through different moods seamlessly. His skills behind the decks have garnered him top spots from Paris to Los Angeles and all places in-between, influencing a worldwide following of partygoers. When home in Chicago, Mark still rocks his longstanding (6 years) residency at Boom Boom Room (Red Dog/ Mondays) as well as frequent guest appearances.

Now in 2001, Mark Grant has come with his masterpiece work in Sound Design 2. ?I'm sound designing me or as much of me that can fit into 74 minutes. Instead of focusing on one particular feelin? of what I know as house, I decided to incorporate some of my depth and experience I've gathered over the years.? says Mark. After intense thought and preparation, this album is designed to be the ?perfect mix.? The resulting 74 minutes is a continuously blended tour de' force (on three turntables) of hard to find gems and underground house cuts that create a must have CD like no other. Stay tuned to HYPERLINK and HYPERLINK for the Sound Design tour coming to your town real soon. San Francisco?s kings of soulful house, Om Records, release Sound Design 2 on July 24th 2001.

7 Days Of Peace/Lil Louis
Dance Mania/Written and Vocals by Mark Grant
Gotta New Love(Keep Pushin On)/Ralphi Rosario introd. Mark Grant feat. Donna Blakley
Underground Construction-The Groove EP/Mark Grant and Underground
Touch Me/Mark Grant-Cajual Records
Jungle X/Mark Grant-Pitch Records and Mark Grant
Braxton Holmes EP/Cajual Records
You Can Lift Me Up/Black Fibre (Mark Grant feat. Donna Blakley)-SubUrban Records
Dancin/Chicago Connection(Mark Grant and Cajmere)-Cajual Records
Spirit Of The Black Ghost/Mark Grant-Guidance Recordings
JazzyKindaSum?N/Mark Grant-Cyclo Records

Ecstasy/Marshall Titus(Mark Grant Remix)-Zing Records
People Everyday Remixes/Braxton Holmes(Mark Grant Remix)-Cajual Records
House Music Will Never Die/Glenn Underground(Mark Grant Remix)-Cajual
Only For You Remixes/Cajmere(Mark Grant Remixes)-Cajual Records
I Can?t Take It/Andre Harris (Mark Grant Remix)-Cajual Records
Answering Machine Remixes/Green Velvet(Mark Grant Remixes)
Relief So Beautiful/Sean O?Daniel (Mark Grant Remix)-Velocity Records
Party Lights/Mike Dunn and Tim Gant(Mark Grant Remixes)-Deep Soul Records
Go Down Moses/Kelly G. feat. Sharon Pass (Mark Grant Remix)-Silk
I Feel You/Julius Papp(Mark Grant Remix)-I Records
Fly With Me(Part I,II)/Glenn Underground feat. Mikkheil (Mark Grant

A Taste of Cajual/mixed by Mark Grant-Cajual Records
Sound Design 2/mixed by Mark Grant-Om Record

DJ Oscar P

NY based DJ delivered back to back DJ sets during WMC at Amika, Onda, and Tantra. Currently in the studio finishing a follow up to the "Talking Japanese" single which can be found on the new Buddha Bar disc. 2006 has already seen his tracks on Manifesto, Rise, Clubstar, Ultra, Pino, SonyBMG, Deep Bass, and Vale Music. Maintains weekly radio show appearances on Klub 105, 80 Proof FM, Lyme FM, Carwash, and many others. DJ style mixes Ibiza style beats, funky house, and crowd pleasing Big Tunes.

Oscar P's radio shows air in Italy on iIn Da Klub 105, as well as London, Switzerland, Germany and the USA

Dj Pete Moss Biography

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingIn the intimate settings of the Paradise Café in Cambridge and Axis in Boston the house heads of the East Coast were introduced and quickly addicted to the alluring house sounds of the soft spoken but magnetic Pete Moss. Morning sets at legendary East Coast events such as the IT parties brought his soulful style of house out of the clubs and thereafter it seemed dawn could not break at a massive without him. As his popularity grew so did his desire to expand his sound and further define his own style through production, an expansion that has proved highly successful at drawing the world?s attention to his twist on house. A twist that has gained him global respect from press, labels, other Djs, but most importantly of the house aficionados that respected him for expanding the foundation of the music that is so dear to them.

Following his humble beginnings providing soundtracks for sunrises up and down the East Coast, Pete Moss settled himself down in Philly, a city with a warm reception to the soulful sounds of his selections. Having gathered gear along the way, he focused intently on production and gained encouragement and inspiration form the musical clan that existed there which included the likes of King Britt, Josh Wink, and the whole Ovum cast & crew . Pete?s early tracks were distinctive, a break from traditional house & garage but still deep house, heavier drums, a lot of manipulation on the vocals which were dubby and more worldly, an all around new and unique spin on the genre. His early works were landmark releases for labels such as Siesta, Earthtones, and his own Recline Records. His sound thrust these labels and his name into the limelight by coining a sound that not only did well in the house haven that is Europe, but also buttered up dance floors in the reluctant United States and was praised by every respected music mag in print. His present releases are staples for the community that no self respecting DJ would be caught without.

Prolific and hard working, Pete has served up a steady stream of music despite his hectic travel schedule that has taken him around the world more times than he can count. Somewhere between blowing minds at Ministry of Sound UK and shaking things up at Pacha ibiza, he managed to mix up a brilliant compilation CD for Dessous to be released in February 2003. Sometime between going deep at CentroFly NY and rockin? out at Terraza in Barcelona he has amazingly finished an album for Alola UK and another slamin? EP for Ovum also due out in early 2003. Not to mention he somehow manages to run his Philadelphia based record label while traveling everywhere from Hawaii to Portugal. A brilliant producer, an unforgettable DJ, and an industry leader behind a rising domestic label, who knows how he does it all, let?s just hope he doesn?t have any plans to leave us high and dry any time soon!

US - All World Entertainment -email
Phone (416) 516 5544

Dj Razor Ramon

At age 15 I bought my first turntables from a garage sale, or maybe I should say tables that just sort of turned. Both turntables were belt driven and looked like they may have been built by the Flintstones. Nevertheless I loved them, with my new stone age tables and a Radio Shack mixer I began to practice. Within the next year I figured out how to use the pitch control- after that it was all over! I started performing house parties, small events, and pretty much any other place/event that allowed me and my turntables. Going in to my first year of college, I felt I was ready to spin in nightclubs. The only problem I had was that I was only 18. I tried to get in anyway, I figured they would not ask me my age. I made demo CD's for virtually every club, bar, and pub that exists in this city of brotherly love. No one called back. I tried again and again and still no callbacks. I did not give up. I later met Brian Nagle, a DJ that was kind enough to give me some time of his set one Thursday night at the 125 Louge. That night I met DJ Christian James and from that week on, he has brought me to all of his gigs every week since. Playing hip-hop and house at multiple lounges in Old City every week with one of the best DJ's has really prepared me for whatever comes next. Now at age 22, I'm probably one of the youngest DJ's out, I am ready to rock crowds with either one of my threatening H2 vibes, hip-hop, or house!

Dj Rich Medina

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingChoice defines the man. Rich Medina has made a life based on one choice that has transformed the listening experience of millions.

DJ Rich Medina lives, breathes, and revels in sharing the type of music that make a listener remember his soul. It is this awareness of soul that brings listeners back time and again to hear Rich spin: heads nod, bodies sway, emotions expand and coalesce. DJ Rich Medina uses the decks to guide his people away from the ordinary and into the realm of their imaginations. His intelligent blends bridge unexpected song selections that build a collective consciousness of intoxication. Without even realizing it, DJ Rich Medina lures you in and makes you forget who you were before the music began ? Medina spins you into the now, into the moment, into the vital essence of who you are.

Medina credits his family?s Baptist faith as the groundwork and source of his musical inclination and intuition. Music was always a form of celebration and rejoicing. The first time Medina heard Diana Ross?s 1976 hit ?Love?s Hangover? in the family living room, he knew he wanted to be a DJ. When he?s writing music, whether in collaboration with other musicians or a personal project, Medina always aims to inject a universal notion of the need for change.

Rich Medina holds DJ residencies at prominent venues throughout the country. Most notably he is a defining DJ at his ?Little Ricky?s Rib Shack? parties at APT in New York City. Every Wednesday night Rich draws a crowd that waits patiently in line to experience the Medina funk flow, and for the last decade Medina has been a fixture on the Philly nightlife scene. Saturday nights on a bi-weekly basis, DJ Rich Medina is host of Jump N Funk at the prestigious Martinez Gallery. It is through such residencies that DJ Rich Medina is able to cultivate his audience and hone his craft.

Always evolving as an artist, DJ Rich Medina transitions into the role of pre-eminent spoken word artist at clubs the world over. Rich writes words that convey messages of change and agency, self-determination and hope, and he is also the embodiment of those very same qualities and emotions.

DJ Rich Medina, renaissance man, articulate performer and a down and dirty DJ who can go head to head with the best, is an artist who will transform the average experience of any club or venue and give his audience a night of music and words to remember.

Dj Rob Paine

Rob Paine's foundation for his Dj style, productions and faith is all rooted and comes from within reggae music and its culture.

Ever since Rob was buying his first cassette tapes by reggae influenced bands like The Police, The Clash and The Bad Brains back in 7th grade, it was apparent that the rhythm of reggae music is what moved his blood. This love never faded and became a forward movement with djing and producing a very broad range of reggae and reggae influenced music including house, deep techno, broken beat, dub, and down-tempo soul/hip hop. His productions have been released on top ranking labels such as Worship (Rob's imprint label), Large, Tango, Shaboom, Greyhound, Stickman, Jah Love, BSI, Warmth, Citrona and his newest imprint, Shakedown Recordings. With exclusive licensing to Bedrock, Fabric, NRK and Moonshine just to name a few.

Rob has been Dj'ing on a professional level since 1993 in Philadelphia and began touring out of town at the end of the same year with a booking in Pittsburgh that began a infectious wave of gigs spreading in directions that landed him in most major cities in the United States. He came out of the gates blazing and rocking crowds where ever he was booked. He is always asked to come back and continues to play for some of the same promoters and clubs he did ten years ago. Over the years Rob has performed in some of the most stellar clubs and events all over Canada, Mexico, Jamaica and London. Playing the infamous Fabric, PS1 in NYC and Francois K's Deep Space event. He has held down monthly residencies in San Fran, weeklies in South Beach Miami and is currently holding down residencies in DC and Philadelphia between his split life of house and reggae music. "It's really exciting to be able to switch between the two genres and sometimes do a mash up of the two and everything in between. But it is always about keeping the dance floor rammed and getting the crowd to come with you on that journey through your set with out missing a beat."

Remembering traveling to downtown Philadelphia as a youth in the late 1970's, Rob has always had love for the vibes of this multi cultured city and eventually moved downtown in 1993. This was the same year he started to DJ on a more professional level. He was also sharpening his musical training majoring in Jazz saxophone improvisation at Temple University. But before going to school for music he played in a very successful ska, reggae punk band called Hyperactive for three years with gigs 3 to 4 nights a week on the regular. At this time, he had already experienced what some artists take a life time to accomplish. But this was only the beginning. He is no stranger to interacting with the crowd from both performer and the spectator view. After the band years, his involvement in the underground dance music scene in Philadelphia became stronger and It was during this early 90's period that he partnered up to create the legendary Circle Productions with Kevin Gimble, O'Keef and Sean Thomas. Over the years Circle Productions has brought many music greats to the Philadelphia area, most for their first time. Circle Productions are behind the famous 'It' parties and club nights such as 'Yo Man!', and they were involved in numerous smaller one-off events, and live shows through out the 90's. Rob himself kept a 10 year long party called 'Heavy' which he finally ended in 2005 with the birth of his son to concentrate on working more in the studio and to make his six year reggae weekly and the monthly Shakedown house event (4 plus years), the best events in both genres of music that Philadelphia has to offer right now.

DJ Rob Paine pt 2

A major factor to the success of the events Rob is involved in Philadelphia is the wise purchase of a sound system that fuels every event Rob and his group of DJ's put on. After experiencing inconsistent sound for years, the Solomonic crew saved their money from the door from their weekly event and invested it into a beast of a sound which is in demand for rentals and events all over the city now.

Rob is also the cofounder of Worship and Shakedown Recordings and produces a lot of the projects released on both labels. His productions gave him a name to the rest of the world and upgraded his status to DJ/Producer in 1997. In 1999 he was awarded the 'Most Innovated Producer' by the Philadelphia City Paper. His 'dub house' style of productions started to catch on and soon there was a lot of well respected producers following in his footsteps from all around the globe.

Rob Paine is by far an innovator and continues to push the elements of dub into house and techno music but also wants to be known for his deep and soulful productions for that classic pure house music vibe. He has created a world renowned studio and works as an engineer for major hip hop, R&B and reggae artists from Philadelphia in Worship Studios. His commitment to the city of Philadelphia's ever continuing music mecca is life long. He loves everything about Philly and is continually excited about being a important part of this cities musical movement and is fortunate to work alongside such artists such as King Britt, Josh Wink, Jazzy Jeff, Quest Love & The Roots, Jill Scott, Lady Alma, Rich Medina, and many more too long to list. Rob is currently working on a slew of releases in both house and reggae to be released or has already been released this year. You can get up to date by frequenting or

To get the fullness on his reggae sound system and productions, please check out Blessed and One Love to all.........

Dj Starchild

sometime in the mid-70s, a cadillac spacecraft entered the earth?s atmosphere carrying space funk aliens. with the sounds of soul, funk, disco, reggae, dance, rock, and jazz blasting from their spacecraft?s sound system, they set their landing coordinates for trenton, nj. you see, their funk scanner was detecting a large concentration of unadulterated, uncut funk. as it turned out, the source of this funk was a newborn child and when the space funk aliens found the child they immediately knew that they were looking upon a future true funk soldier and so starchild was born.

with a guitar player for a father and a drummer for a brother, it was the sounds of rock, metal, and blues that found its way into starchild?s inner ear from an early age. but somewhere along the way, the intergalactic media conglomerates joined forces and broadcasted music television to the planet earth from a distant solar system. the king of pop, new wave, rap, metallica, madonna, talking heads, iron maiden, prince, cameo and on and on the sonic broadcasts manipulated starchild?s brain waves.

by the time starchild entered high school, it was a life of skateboarding and books, but always the sounds. but these were the sounds of the red hot chili peppers, black flag, parliament funkadelic, public enemy, de la soul, the cure, punk/hardcore, ska, and soul. all of which only managed to spark an even deeper curiosity for more eclectic sounds and the sounds that influenced the sound creators.

and so it was that starchild found himself in college in pittsburgh in the early 90s. it was here that starchild first learned his chops as a dj playing on college radio. but it wasn?t long until he started playing the party circuit and mixing the sounds of house, hip-hop, reggae, soul, funk, and r&b. and it was during this time, at the height of the east coast rave scene, that starchild discovered the sounds of jungle/drum?n?bass and deep house and he was never the same. from pittsburgh to dc to baltimore to philadelphia to new york to ohio, starchild was either partying or spinning at some of the biggest parties on the east coast.

returning to new jersey for graduate school in the late 90s, starchild found himself spinning and throwing parties with the substitution crew and dropping the sounds of old school jungle/drum?n?bass on his weekly radio show ?camouflage? on 103.3 wprb. but all the while his record collection was growing and expanding into new dimensions of funk, classic dance, electro, pop, techno, house, electronica and soul. when the new century arrived, starchild found himself rocking the mainstream masses with a diverse mix of dance, house, hip-hop, reggae, 80s, and funk.

but he was still searching for that one sonic place. that place where bodies, beats, keyboards, vocals, and sweat combine to create an unexplainable cosmic energy. that place is here and it?s the sound of deep, funky, latin, dirty, disco, african house. and whether he?s on rollerskates or behind the wheels of steel, you can be sure that starchild will be getting down. so let the funk flow and don?t forget to wear your sunglasses baby!

Urusla Rucker

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting??Explicit Lyrics?? ? in Ursula Rucker?s case this isn?t a parental
advisory warning, rather, a seal of quality. When it comes to frank
words, she is far from being bashful. The issues which she raises in
her tracks, such as politics, slavery and questions of gender don?t
allow for any doublespeak. But Ursula Rucker?s debut ??Super Sista??
in 2001 also served as continuing proof that serious music can be a
lot of fun.

Born in Philadelphia, Ursula Desiré Rucker graduated from Temple
University with a degree in journalism and wanted to become a
copywriter. Instead, she became one of the architects of
Philadelphia's poetic revival, landing in the spotlight far before
slams and Def Poetry Jam made headlines. Kicking knowledge on
everything from womanhood to slavery, to love, sexism, politics and
more, Ursula redefines spoken word with her trademark socio-political
urgency and sweet "song-speak". Whatever the content, Ursula has an
uncanny ability to strike with unrivaled, softspoken and seductive

In 1994, Ursula stood up for the very first time and faced an audience
with her stunningly genuine verse at Zanzibar Blue in Philadelphia.
Almost a decade later, Ursula is happily married with four sons. On
her second album ??Silver or Lead?? (2003) she wove elaborate words
with music and inculcated her own bitter-sweet lyrical style,
positioning itself somewhere between spoken verse and sung speech.
Whatever it is (Spoken Soul? Jazz Hop?) ? Ursula?s sources of
inspiration range from the Black Arts Movement Activist Sonia Sanchez
to Frida Kahlo, Zora Neale Hurston to Prince. Her selection of
producers is just as diverse and notable: King Britt, Jazzanova or Lil
Louie Vega, who help to create soundscapes that exist somewhere
between jazzy club music, atmospheric Drum and Bass or minimal Hip Hop
hybrids. 4 Hero and The Roots have also delivered germane soundscapes
for her texts from time to time. Ultimately, it was they who
accompanied Ursula Rucker along the transition from readings to her
own LP?s through features on their releases.

Her rhythmic stories of everyday struggle have transfixed audiences
from Tokyo to Capetown. When Ursula - timid at first - grips the
microphone tightly, all ears hone in. Her tone is confident, never
preachy. Explaining her quest to rouse people from the dismal depths
of the matrix and dish verse on subjects that society often keeps in
the closet, she keeps it simple: "I am driven to deal with real

Dj Willyum

"It's like our monthly mass, if you will," jokes 29-year old Will Putney about his monthly Philadelphia Experiment DJ gigs at Silk City. Putney, who DJs under the moniker Willyum, makes up one-fourth of the Philadelphia Experiment DJ crew and has a long history in the house music scene.

A Temple University grad and Fort Washington, Pa., native, Willyum began DJ-ing around town more than 10 years ago.

"In the early '90s when I was in high school, I used to travel down to the city when the electronic and rave seen was getting big. I definitely gravitated toward it and decided I wanted to try DJing myself."

As a Philly DJ mainstay, Willyum's seen the community change and grow. "When I first started out there was a lot of interest in DJ culture. That peaked at the end of the '90s and now there's a bit of a backlash," he says. "Younger kids seem more into live music, though there are certainly people who are into both."

These days Willyum divides his time between his position as head buyer of house music at 611 Records and working on his deep-house label Worship Recordings, where he records and releases EPs of local house DJs about once a month.

The Philadelphia Experiment has been at Silk City for more than five years. "People are always smiling. The positive energy is something that people notice," he says. "It's not trance-y or too bass-y. It's good, deep funky house music. We don't play traditional club music."

In fact, there's nothing traditional about the Philadelphia Experiment. The crew sets up four turntables and two DJs spin at once, playing off each other and incorporating each other's beats into complex mixes. "It's an interactive, challenging experience for us as well as the crowd," says Willyum.

Willyum also DJs at Soma on Tuesdays with Rob Paine, at Lounge 125 on Wednesdays with Sean O'Neal and at West Philly's recently opened O Bar on Sundays as a part of the Philly Soul Collective.

He plans to stick with house music. "Though I certainly entertain thoughts of doing something else, this is really all I've known for a decade now. Five years from now I'd definitely still hope to be involved."


Dancer Zen One

Ron Wood aka Zen One is the founder and artistic director of the Zen One Dance Collective; a theater based hip Hop Company that combines dance, martial arts and music. The movement of ZODC is a fusion of House, B-boyin' and Capoeira, with a strong emphasis on maintaining the roots and integrity of each style. Zen began dancing in the clubs of Philadelphia, watching and communing with other dancers, eventually becoming an in-demand performer at these clubs, in fashion shows and special events. In 1995 he joined the highly acclaimed Rennie Harris Puremovement, of which he is still a core member. Along with touring internationally with RHPM, he helped to develop the role of Tybault in the Bessie Award- winning Rome and Jewels. Zen holds a black belt in Kenpo Karate and the rank of Professor in ASCAB Capoeira. These two movement arts continually inform the content and style of his work. The latest addition to his talents has been music, scoring most of the sound-scape for ZODC performances. Zen has also composed tracks for choreographers Emily Hubler (Group Motion Dance), Rennie Harris (RHPM-Facing Mekka), and Grace Mi-He Lee (Genghis Dance Company). He frequently teaches at dance schools and universities (nationally and internationally), in addition to holding weekly Capoeira classes at the Community Education Center in Philadelphia.

Dj Chris Udoh

If the love of music could be measured by ones constant persistence, then Chris Udoh is a true testament to this persistence. Chris has been a DJ in one form or another for over 18 years. By most accounts, his experience is unparalleled. Chris started his professional journey in 1985 at the age of 16 in St. Louis, MO. where he played various clubs and had his music featured in several top fashion shows in and around the region. In 1989 Chris moved to Atlanta, GA. and started a 3 year residency at Atlantas legendary Lorettas nightclub. A few years later Chris met Chris Clark a.k.a. Deep C in a record store and the two quickly became friends. Each of them, along with producer Chris Brann, went on to form the Wamdue Kids. The trio had numerous club hits on such notable labels as Acacia, Studio K7!, Sounds, Guidance and of course, Strictly Rhythm. Chris moved to Philadelphia in the fall of 1996 to test new waters and found himself in very good company in the city of brotherly love. He quickly became one of the citys most respected DJs. In 2000 came the formation of Tigerhook Corp., a Wu-Tang type collection of like-minded DJs and producers that really boggles the mind. Spearheaded by the highly energetic Randal Jones, this crew of nine has releases on prestigious labels including The End, Oblong, Siesta, LTR, Shaboom, Hooj Choons and even Bedrock. Chris Udoh has traveled the globe extensively. Most notably, he held a two-year residency at Fabric Nightclub in London from 2000 to 2002, playing at the club over a dozen times. Currently, Chris has taken time out to concentrate on solo productions as well as collaborations with other electronic dance music artists. Check out My music page for More Info !!!

Dj Digital Deep C

Minneapolis born, raised in Detroit, seasoned in Atlanta, and currently rockin Philly! Started collecting music in 1979 at the tender age of 7 years old. Luckily, the radio stations in Detroit were truly ahead of its time and I was exposed to all kinds of good music thanks to the Electrifying Mojo. Currently a member of Balance Record Pool (, one of the world's best. Started dj'ing in 1990 after graduating high school and in 1993, hooked up with Chris Udoh and Chris Brann in Atlanta and formed the Wamdue Kids. After 6 years of making music and touring the world djing, we split up. Chris Udoh and I continued on with a new crew of heads called Tigerhook. The crew consists of Udoh, Randall Jones, Hito, Hollis P. Monroe, Pat Parker, Phil Charles, Mark Pappas, Rodrigo Ramirez and I. We're based out of Philly and hold down several weekly residencies. You can catch some of my homies rockin clubs all over the world! I've stopped travelling pretty much to help raise my wonderful son but maybe one of these days, I'll get the bug to do it all over again. I held down residencies at various prestigious places like Fabric (UK), Smart Bar (Chicago), KGB-Mission (Miami), Nomenclature (Atl), Viper Room (L.A.), and Tresor (Berlin). In Philly, I had one of the longest running House Parties ever (7 years) at Soma that hosted local and international guests and pushed the music in all genres. I also worked at Satellite Records in NYC while commuting from Philly and doing it all. I'm an avid book reader, avid music listener, and avid mind thinker...Real Estate Agent for Coldwell Banker Preferred in Old City, yoga practitioner and striver of all things good.................The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides with the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who in the name of charity and good will shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon those with great vengeance and with furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know that my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee. in·iq·ui·ty (-nkw-t) n. pl. in·iq·ui·ties 1. Gross immorality or injustice; wickedness. 2. A grossly immoral act; a sin.

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