Cabin Fever

Story Behind The Song

I was one a kids weekend at the cabin with my sisters. My sister Maureen said I should write a song about having cabin fever. I loved the idea! She gave my her lyrical ideas. I cleaned them up, added a story line, melody, chorus, and musical arrangement. I had a great time writing this one!

Song Description

A man stuck in a traffic jam skips work to got to the cabin

Song Length 3:30 Genre Country - Rock, Country - Contemporary
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Irritated, Peaceful Subject General, Paradise
Similar Artists Alan Jackson, Garth Brooks Language English
Era 2000 and later


Friday morning alarm clock. Rush into a grid lock. Thinking I need something new.
Tired of driving to work each day, Stuck in a rut and same low pay.
I know just what I gotta do.

The factory is up ahead, I miss the turn, go straight instead. With a smile on my face!
Pick up my cell and call in sick. The boss man don't believe my trick!
Believe me it's true! I got a fever!

I got cabin fever. I just gotta break away! Make a great escape, from this human rat race! I got cabin fever. I got the fever.

Now you might think I'm irresponsible, and that might be a little bit true!
But when trying to survive this crazy life. A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do!
To cure the fever.

Cabin fever. Sometimes you just gotta get away! Make a great escape, from this humdrum mundane.I got cabin fever. I got the fever.

Hook up the boat, the brews on ice. Pack up the kids and grab my wife.
We get there by noon!
I kick back and cast a line. Pop a top I'm feeling fine. Are you feeling it too?

Night frogs croaking making music to my ears. Snuggle by the campfire with you.
Watch a million stars up in the sky. And a hoochie coochie coochie coo!
I love the cabin fever!

Cabin fever. Sometimes you just gotta get away! Make a great escape, from this humdrum mundane. Cabin fever I just gotta break away! Make my escape, to my
favorite place! I got the cabin fever! Got the fever! The cabin fever.Catch the fever!

I liked the sound and I liked the way the music fit the lyrics. The harmonica fit in nicely, as well. I could have heard a number of country artists doing this song. For example, if Brad Paisley did it, it would fit nicely on one of his albums. See my comments below about what Brad Paisley might do with a song like this.

I love it the topic its very refreshing and visual i enjoy listening to this song great work

Nice imagery! I can see and feel the cabin fever.

Nice standard country tune. Good vocalist.

REally frosty lyrics, cool enough to be in any top 10 chart. Vocal is really good, vocalist knows how to do a vocal slide very good, and they lyricist is out of the ball park HR. The only reason this is not on the top 10 is because it just has not found the right time and place.

Lyrics Maureen Klotter
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