We Used To Dance In The Rain

Song Length 2:47 Genre New Age - Meditative
Tempo Very Slow (Under 70) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Peaceful, Relaxed Language No Language
Era 2000 and later

A solid new age instrumental track. I can hear this song being used as peaceful music in a scene for a lifetime movie or something similar. I liked how the 12 string and the piano sounded together. A very peaceful and serene tune.
Good work

I like the spaciness of the chord progression, and the gut guitar was a pleasant surprise. The piano could use a little EQ for depth but the playing was fine. Cello sound also very out of nowhere but nice. I liked it.

Very chilling, relaxing and melodic piece. Strings are very easy on the ears.

A beautiful instrumental that takes you back to younger years in fond memory. I could definitely hear this on a commercial or in a film!

As I was listening to your beautiful guitar riffs, I couldn't help thinking of the old Bread song "If a picture could paint a thousand words than how can I paint you'. Same vibe. Really nicely done.

very nice song, relaxing, with an easy to remember melody, the addition of piano at 00:55 gives another perspective. Really enjoy listening to it.

SOng has definitly got potential to move you....the sounds flowed together real well and the instrumentation sounded great... Ienjoyed listenting to it and look forward to hearing more from you

Very nice...a very pleasurable listen! i dug the arrangement and the choice of instruments....very nice ebb and flow...it could have been a little longer!

This was very nice and left me with a good feeling after listening. The guitar playing was very good and recorded well. Melody was very memorable and really good! Good melody writers are in short supply these days. Genre listing was on the money.

This song had a nice feel. I think it fit into the "meditative" new age genre quite well. I liked how you started with the 12 string and slowly added other instruments and themes as the song progressed--it kept things interesting without going over the top. I liked how you simplified things towards the end as well--it gave the song a sense of completion.

I really like the guitar and the keyboards - this song sounds a lot like an old 70's band called Bread, it sounds a lot like the song Diary.

High quality recording. Sounds like you would hear this on a streaming music service.

This is a very beautiful and relaxing song, and these qualities definitely bring to mind New Age. I think what is really unique, though, is how there seem to be some darker aspects to this song occasionally combined in with the overall happiness. This is what really stood out for me, and because of this, the song reminds me of something bittersweet; for example, a romantic relationship that is suddenly a little shaky. It really reminded me of being on the beach, and that is part of how the song started bringing to mind a happy day with lovers walking on the beach at sunset for me. They are trying to rekindle their love they once had for each other.

Love the chord progression in this piece. Very nice work.

This is beautiful.

A tune that will uplift the listener. Beautiful melody. This tune brings hope and happiness.

Don't know if you've ever played Final Fantasy VIII, but if you have, this song reminds me of the Balamb town theme. Very calm and relaxing.

Very romantic melody, the player plays the piano very well.

Music kenney Producer Steph
Performance kenney & Steph
Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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