My Eyes

Song Length 3:59 Genre Country - Alternative, Rock - Alternative
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Diplomatic, Cool Subject Breaking Up, Numbness
Language English Era 2000 and later


The temperatures rising, there ain't no disguising, the fire that's burning in you
You keep criticising, your constant chastising, there ain't no pleasing you
If only, you could be looking through my eyes,
If only, you could see through my eyes
Would you see?

Pulling the trigger, it's so hard to figure, I need to dodge that bullet again
The judge & the jury, the wrath & the fury, I am in your firing line
If only, you could be looking through my eyes,
If only, you could see through my eyes
Would you see?

Release the shackles from these private battles, these chains that are too tight for me
I need to escape now, wipe down this slate now,
There's a world out there, waiting for me.

Can't you see girl, never gonna work this out girl,
Never gonna do things right girl
Leave me be

Can it be girl, we are at the end of the road girl,
Take to the sky & go girl
Flying free

I'll try to explain how, just give me some time now,
Can you see my point of view
Don't take offence now, no need to defend now,
I'm still in love with you

With my eyes

Do you see the need for compromise
Can you see your way to sympathise
Close your eyes

With my eyes

Do you see the look of my surprise
Can you see ahead to our demise
Close your eyes

With my eyes

Do you see the need for last goodbyes
Can you see a place with clearer skies
Close your eyes

If only you could be looking through my eyes
If only you could see through my eyes
What would you see

What would you see

Shades of The Eagles ! Great harmonies throughout , a most enjoyable listen .

You had a great singing voice. The tune was nice, I enjoyedhe styling of the music, it could cross over to other genres.

A really nice voice would like to hear more

reminds me of a song Taylor Swift made. we will never ever get back together she sings. breakups are always difficult. sometimes one of us has a harder time.

enjoyable country piece. Vocals are out in front and it is nice to hear lyrics.

Sold arrangement in a country pop setting similar to Keith Urban. Very musical arranging.

The vocals are well done. The overall structure of the song is evidently well thought out and planned out. The emotion and feeling is there in vocal content and shows the vocalist has interest and emphasis through each verse. The feel is definately country and more of a throw back to the 90s and 80s feel of country is absolutely gorgeous.

-I like the electric guitar part. I feel like it is much too loud in the more "lead type" parts but I really think it is cool.

- The recording sounds pretty good overall. I don't really like the mix but as far as individual instrument sounds go I think is sounds good.

Really like the "flying free" part of the song. It goes perfect with that electric guitar part.
Overall I think this is a pretty damn cool song.

Great vocal; great recording; great arrangement. Better than most of what you hear on the radio

good energy and movement, instrumentation and lead vocal well done.

Nice vocal, guitars sound great , very cool melody. Well produced demo.

Lyrics Alan T Music Kenney Noguera
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