Story Behind The Song

Originally composed to a Tropscore Finalist film titled Capture. The film was a ghost story centred around a camera and the Brooklyn bridge.

Song Description

A cue written for a short film ghost story. A vision of a beautiful girl which turns more and more sinister until it is revealed that she is a ghost.

Song Length 3:05 Genre Unique - Soundtracks, Classical - Contemporary
Tempo Multiple Tempos Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Gloomy, Tense Subject Sadness, Fear
Similar Artists James Newton Howard, Alan Silvestri Language No Language
Era 2000 and later

Wonderful piece that could be used for a wide variety of opening credits. This would be good for the beginning of tear jerker romances, to horror flicks. A little sad, but a slight amount of mystery.

I really dig the composition of this track! You do a great job moving from one section to another and keeping me interested all the way through.

It seems like it has a kind of wondering/uncertainty to it, which is definitely a needed track within the film/TV licensing world. I think this track is very close to being great--see my comments below. Great job!

I like the sound of the piano and the keyboards as well, sounds like an interesting soundtrack that would be great for a Mystery Thriller!

Intriguing intro;you have my attention straight away. The piece opens up with good use of instrumentation and skilful arranging. I am hearing mystery and suspense and an air of unrealism. I am hearing a very good composition. Your arranging skills are first class and the originality in your writing superb.

Music Tristan Kane Producer Tristan Kane
Publisher Tristan Kane
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Ionut Mirel Udrea My Favourites Songs 4/18/2016
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