The Shutup Song

Song Description

Tells how love is going to happen tonight

Song Length 3:20 Genre Country - General, Country - Alternative
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Mixed Vocals
Mood Blissful, Anxious Subject Making Love


Well I've been thinking it over
for maybe a week or two
about why your so damned bossie
whenever I'm with you
Pushing me here Pushing me there
I'm about to come unglued
not a hug or a kiss or a taste of bliss
like we used to do

Talking Talking Talking
your always telling me what to do
don't drink so much and be polite
and wait 'till i get through
well tonight it's going to be different
and darlin' it's over due
Come here, sit down, shut up, and hang on
I'm going to make love to you.

When we started dating you turned me so strong
I couldn't wait to see baby and love you all night long
drawing the shades and dimming lights was what we used to do
now your surfing the web and our love seems dead
and I'm feeling so unused


Catchy song. Lovely guitar work. Very strong lyrical content. Pulling back the instruments at 0.58 really works well. Nice instrumental section at 2.07. The vocalist is just right for the song and sells it with conviction. The song is catchy and well recorded.

Lyrics Tom Henry /Richard Hieronymous Music Tom Henry
Producer Tom Henry Performance StraitArch / Mumbles
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