Story Behind The Song

Radio. A visit to how radio stations could make you feel really connected to a song in the60's-70's

Song Description

Cruising with the Radio blaring your favorite songs

Song Length 3:27 Genre Pop - General, Rock - Classic
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Delighted, Glad Subject General, Happiness
Similar Artists Tom Petty; Eagles; Beach Boys, Beach Boys influence Era 2000 and later

I don't typically listen to this genre of music, so reviewing this song was a little different. The overall arrangement of the song had a good feel too it. The instrumentation and quality of recording of the song were both very good. The vocal arrangement added a definite feel too it. The lyrics kept me engaged throughout, which a song is meant to do. Overall, it was well together.

This is a fun song all about one of my favorite pastimes... cruising and listening to the radio. Cool foot-tappin' rock-n-roll / country rock vibe. The progressions and melodies are good-ole rock-n-roll. And the "Bowser-esque" bass vocal part is a bit nice of 50's seasoning sprinkled in there. Nice song.

Great feel! I lean towards classifying this as a rock or even retro rock - makes me think of some maybe Doors stuff, Grateful Dead, guess it's the tasty guitar licks. Really enjoyed the free spirit. Great mix, vocals, everything's there.

Great Intro! Gets you involved right away and holds your attention throughout. Great story and well sung. Arrangement and Production is top notch. Well done!

Producer BILLYBOSCO Publisher SPILT
Performance SPLIT Label NA
Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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