Deepest Garden

Story Behind The Song

The song is a cautionary tale about the false promise of drugs to take away pain, what first appears to be beautiful garden ultimately becomes a trap. I wrote the song after a friend had described his experience with drug addiction, how initially it was such a rush and a relief but led to an even bigger sorrow. Drugs and Love written by Daniel Day, Tom Henry, Denny Penrose, Darvis Taylor

Song Description

Original Music from island in NW from a band calling themselves Desolation Sound.

Song Length 3:37 Genre Rock - General, Rock - Indie/Low-Fi
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Other Similar Artists Joe Walsh, U2
Era 2000 and later



Now youre hurting, feel that pain again
And your certain, everything's gonna end

Flying high through the Deepest Garden
where they grow the strangest fruit
floating on a chemical reaction
pulling hard against the root

Now its working, feel no pain at all
and your certain, you'll never ever fall

Sun shine in brightly, sparkles in the water
waves crash in on after another
sky so blue hurts my throat just to sing
there's a seed in the garden, fit for a king

Really nice and well instrumented song. Drum work is top notch. Outro is very original.

Great song. Enjoyed listening to it. Nice easy vibe

Really cool song!! Has great energy....just explodes from the beginning! Melody and hook are very strong! Excellent playing/production!! This is a WINNER!!!

I like the immediate impact of the intro. Good to have all the instruments in at the beginning with an anthemic song like this. Really nice guitar arrangement. Lovely change at 0.28. Great guitar solo. I like the pull back at 2.06 with the acoustic guitar coming through. Strong vocal performance. Solid rhythm section. Unusual ending, but it works. The lyrics are obscure and ambiguous, which I like possibly because I use obscure and ambiguous lyrics too. Nicely recorded.

High energy intro has such a happy feel. Tightly written, performed and produced rock song about getting high on drugs to remove the pain. Stellar, clear vocals. Excellent imagery. Original lyrics. Great ending.

Lyrics Daniel Day Music Dan Day, Tom Henry, Denny Penrose, Darvis taylor
Producer Desolation Sound / Adam Kasper Publisher Strait Arch
Performance Desolation Sound
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