The More You Play

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Song Length 3:26 Genre Country - General, Country - Alternative
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150)


Well I never really liked the odds of working nine to five
but I've always tried to make them work just to stay alive
well today I've finally called in sick and I'm tired of everyone
I've decided this would be my time to have a little fun

Oh the more you play the better your chances
this could be the day your ship advances
when it comes to luck and love,
it could chancge your circumstances
cause the more you play, the better your chances

To kick things off I ran to New Orleans for the Mardi Grais
I tossed my beads and fais doe-doe with every clown I saw
Well I cranked that old French Quarter like a Vegas slot machine
Then I tried my best to sink that ol; Mississippi Queen


To cash in on my winnigs, heres what I'm going to do
tonight I'll have a loaf of bread, a jug of wine and YOU!

Professional from start to finish.

I like the guitars running through each other with some fun and energetic riffs. The beat and tempo is great fora a country bar with some dancers. The chorus is easy to sing along with and memorable after the first run through. I like te concept of running away from everything and taking chances on the gamble!

very nice song, very good vocals and instruments.

Great song. Nice uptempo. I liked the little intro at the very beginning it got my sttention

Reminds me of Brooks and Dunn. The singing seemed rushed and I had trouble hearing the words...had to look at lyrics to understand

Sounds like a typical country selection done pretty good straight out of Nashville

Cool song!! Great energy, and very catchy! Really like the concept! Very well played and sung!

Here's a musical trip to New Orleans, a free ticket to a fun song about skipping work and having a blast. It's carefree, it's fun, and clever. Word pictures in the song are vivid, realistic, original and humorous. Chorus is extremely catchy and singable. Instrumentation and vocal nicely done. I like the slight growl in the voice. Nice bass runs. If you need a musical excuse to have a day off, here it is!

Producer TOM HENRY Publisher SraitArch
Performance TOM HENRY
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