All Tied Down

Song Description

It is about hanging on to your faith. . no matter what it is

Song Length 3:20 Genre Country - Religious, Country - General


I've been working all of my life for some security
Only faith in the Lord above helps me get by
We keep going to extremes, living well beyond our means
but life with you is good, I would'nt change it if I could

When trouble comes my way
I take the time to pray
You know he's always there for us, every minute, every day
The wind can howl as the storm blows in but I don't fear a thing
I believe in him and what he says I feel his prescence all around
I've got it all tied down

I keep wanting more from life than just a pension plan
Hope the Lord has something else hid up his sleeve
We'll trust in him, without a doubt, and our dreams will all work out
with the bad times put to bed, the best in life is just ahead


Nice easy country good balance

Lyrics Richard Hieronymous and Tom Henry Music Tom Henry
Producer Tom Henry and Richard Hieronymous Publisher Mumbles Music and StraitArch
Performance Tom Henry
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