Brand New Thing

Song Length 3:57 Genre Rock - Religious, Rock - Alternative


.::Brand New Thing!::.

You?re the river in the desert
You?re the highway through the wasteland
You are the wild frontier that?s calling out my name

You?re the guiding light in the day time
You?re the fire that burns through the night
You?re the way, You?re the truth, You?re the life

But you?re love always seems so strange to me
Until you take control
And then somehow it all makes sense

It all becomes clear to me
When you draw near to me
Like this, Oh like this I say

Every problem you?re the solution
And every day you?re the revolution
And you give my heart a brand new song to sing
So come in my heart and do your brand new thing!

You're the author of creation
You're the desire of every nation
And your Word has become the deepest part of me

You're the lover of my soul
You're the part that makes me whole
You're my joy, you're my hope, you're my peace

I've never been this way before
But you leave me wanting more
Of everything you are
So let your Spirit lead the way
And I can hear you say go
And my heart cries out how far?
How far Jesus?

Lyrics Jeffrey C. Hunter Music Jeffrey C. Hunter
Producer Jeffrey Hunter / Jason Elgin Publisher TurnSignal, LLC/TurnSignal Music (ASCAP)
Performance Jeffrey Hunter/guitar/vox, Miguel Martinez/drums, Todd Robertson/Bass/bg vox, Mike Shaw/bg vox Label TurnSignal Music
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