Anthem for the Narrow Road

Song Length 4:25 Genre Rock - Alternative, Rock - Religious


.::Anthem for the Narrow Road::.

No fair warning here comes the warning
It's time to go again
Point me to the highway if you're going my way
Let's get on the road
Please don't mistake me
You know I'd love to stay here with you
But there is something inside of me saying I've got to go
Hit the road...

Destination? God knows. Anywhere the wind blows
That's where He takes us
But you can always find me
If you'll just listen for the sound

God knows I love you. God knows I miss you
But God knows I trust Him
And He'll take care of you Until He blows me back around

I see you shining like the brightest day in Eden
I always want to remember you this way
You're with me every breath I take that is worth breathing
But alas it's time for me to be on my way
Hit the road...

My flesh and my heart fail but I press on until I get there
To find the way. To find the way
And Through it all I can see Christ shine the light in front of me
You are the Way. You are the Way!

I see you shining like the brightest day in Eden
and these memories are a safe place to hide
You?re still with me every breath I take that is worth breathing
But my spirit is longing for the day, I'll see you on the other side

Na Na Na...
I hear Your voice calling...
I see Your fire falling...
I feel your Spirit soaring all around me...
Hit the road...

Lyrics Jeffrey C. Hunter Music Jeffrey C. Hunter
Producer Jeffrey Hunter / Jason Elgin Publisher TurnSignal, LLC/TurnSignal Music (ASCAP)
Performance Jeffrey Hunter/guitar/vox, Miguel Martinez/drums, Todd Robertson/Bass/bg vox, Rodney Calfee/bg vox, Julie Franks/bg vox Label TurnSignal Music
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