Love Crime (Bekker Audio Prodcution)

Song Description

Some ghosts refuse to stay laid. This song was produced by Bekker Audio Productions.

Song Length 4:46 Genre Pop - Dreampop, Pop - Lullaby
Tempo Floating Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Restless, Heartbreaking Subject Heartbreak, General


verb (used with object)
1. to leave (a person, place, etc.) without intending to return, especially in violation of a duty, promise, or the like: She deserted her lover. Synonyms: abandon, leave, quit; forsake


Why did you leave
The moment that I said
I love you?

I wake up screaming
I've been dreaming
About you

And I can't make up my mind
To live
Without you
And I can't make up for time
Dreaming about you

I thought we had
An understanding that
We made it

Can't comprehend
How you could prefer him
I hate it

How could you make up your mind
To hurt me?
After all the Love and Time
Desert me?


I wonder when
I see your face again
I'll know you

I have sustained
Some misery and pain
I owe you

You have committed a crime
Your wanted
Though I drown myself in wine
I'm haunted

By your love
Your love crime

© Nick Fuse 2012

Lyrics Nick Fuse Music Tony R. Clef/Nick Fuse/Bekker
Producer Bekker Audio Productions Publisher Fuse/Bekker
Performance Tony R. Clef/Nick Fuse/Bekker Label LovePops
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