Out On Rocky's Run

Story Behind The Song

My wife's heartbreak when her horse died

Song Description

We were moving to new property where my wife's horse would have his forever home. I wrote Out on Rocky's Run when my wife's horse, her best friend, Rocky, died suddenly and tragically. My wife was very sad and I was inspired to write the words to this song to help her through the grieving process. It worked and we moved to the new property where we honored his legacy by naming it Rocky's Run. She has since bought a new horse, Rio.

Song Length 4:28 Genre Folk - Americana
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Heartbreaking
Subject Horses, Sorrow Language English


Broke my wife's heart that day when she found him on his side
He was lying in the pasture, I remember how she cried
Was the best friend she ever had... she loved him from the start
The bond that was shared between them, God held inside their hearts

"Rocky" loved to work for her as he trotted in the round.....
Was a special place to go with a dream that they had found
His name will live forever like fire in the morning sun
Heaven will send another horse with heart, one day,
"Out On Rockys Run"

Sometimes I see her walk the fence.. I know he's on her mind
Picking all those wildflowers, looking for a sign I know his spirit is alive out there When she calls his name again Seen him trotting home in the twilight
Through soft shadows of the glen


Although I still feel helpless, I'm beginning to realize the courage my wife must have when I look into her eyes I'm so thankful that she taught me what no one else could say....
"The journey to your dreams is greater than any pain along the way"

Lyrics T. Edwin Doss Music T. Edwin Doss

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