Lover's Rendezvous

Song Length 3:52 Genre Pop - Easy Listening
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Attracted, Crush Language English


Well, well, here we are again trying to pretend
that we could just care less about the way we jest
meeting here the way we do.

Each time we go through the same routine
hiding what we mean with small talk and a smile,
really all the while we know this is a lover's rendezvous

What makes two people find answers we've never known?
What makes our restless minds remember that it's grown?
Is love so easy to do? Are good byes always true?
Does it only mean one more moonlit night with you?
Another Lover's Rendezvous

So we find ourselves in need of when it was a seed
sewn within our minds and in between the lines
It seems too good to be true.

Listening to the curtains dance
with the wind and their romance
Soft whispers in a breeze.
They remember how it must be.
Another Lover's Rendezvous

Lyrics T. Edwin Doss Music Dave Mallen

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