Out of Time

Song Description

Out of Time draws on songwriter Steve Wyatt's diversions of the synergy between philosophy, science, and religion. Not the usual content for a great pop song, but the concepts are delivered easily with this Christian Rock single.

Song Length 4:42 Genre Rock - Religious, Pop - Religious
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Joyful, Blissful Subject Existence, Religion
Language English Era 2000 and later


Out of Time
©2009 Stephen Wyatt

in these words I came to believe
words of love would not deceive
it was a promise to set me free
so turn a page of history

I had to find the answers
to the questions in my mind
Is the universe and everything
by chance or by design

I felt the calling harmonizing
with the sound of my own soul
then an answer came so clear to satisfy me
answers only you could know

just one moment out of time
made me strong enough to learn
the wisdom in the absolute
past the point of no return

in the realm of another dimension
you are there and you walk with me
I feel the presence of an unseen sensation
like heat or gravity

with the miracles around us
we keep looking for a sign
when the evidence is there for those who seek it
that stands the test of time

as I struggle to sustain this knowing
help me hold on to this truth
there is nothing that can separate this bond now
so I leave it up to you

just one moment out of time
I was looking for your face
streaming through the walls and into my sight
was a kaleidoscope of grace

see the world as something new
it's not an easy thing to do
what the world believes isn't always true
but you can never run away
the here and now is here to stay
don't let the moment get away
from you

and one moment out of time
I will never be the same
forever in the book of life
you have written down my name

I can see this song doing quite well on the market, and I would love to hear more. The lyrics and the hook were written very well. The instrumentation and the singing were excellent. I love the recording and arrangement. I thought it was an excellent song all together.

Love the vocal-that sets you apart you can sing!!!!!!

Great deep words.

Passionate presentation.

Lyrics Stephen Wyatt Music Stephen Wyatt
Producer Neil Ebanks Performance Rahbil

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