Already There

Song Description

Already There is a song about appreciation and is centered around a sometimes controversial subject among Christian denominations which is "once saved always saved"; and heaven is achieved by grace alone and not by "works of man".

Song Length 4:03 Genre Pop - Religious, Pop - Rock
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Infinity Language English
Era 2000 and later


Already There
(c) 2013 Stephen Wyatt

Lord I love you and I want to say it loud
I've been running so long, so high and proud
I've been wasting time, time that wasn't mine and
I know that there's a golden lining to this cloud

I was left of center, I was right of wrong
I was spinning circles then you came along
Lord to have you near and finally it's so clear that
I know that there's no other I can count on

I've been ashamed
I've taken so much time to come around
I am amazed
you moved so quick to put my feet on the ground
I am alive
and I just can't stop this joyful sound
never to wander again
when you hold me and tell me that you're
already there

I was burning candles in the pouring rain
then I found you in the eye of the hurricane
learned to trust in you and change my attitude and
I know I'll never have to sail alone again

Just can't stop thinking how this world keeps spinning round
another day another lonely soul is found
the world is hurting and I know that's nothing new but
we just can't heal it when we turn away from you

so take this life
won't you hear my call to go back from the start
and make me whole
let the spirit fill the caverns in my heart
and I will live
reflecting glory from a thousand stars
timeless and ageless you reign
you made the journey reach our destination
and we're already there

there's just no other revelation that compares
when you realize it's over and you're already there
when I asked what works will get me through
you said not one thing son
you're already there

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SUCH A NICE SONG!--i really like this!--should be on country radio!--cheers--joe.

Lyrics Steve Wyatt Music Steve Wyatt
Producer Spring Hill Studios Performance Michael David Hall, Brian Wooten, Neil Ebanks

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