Fish On! (Country Dance Song)

Story Behind The Song

Twerking dance song that was originally written as a girl singing the first verse and a guy singing the second verse.

Song Description

Showem the best you got! Dance it, work it,

Song Length 3:12 Genre Country - Honky Tonk, Country - Contemporary
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Duet Male/Female
Mood Welcoming, Engaging Subject Dance, Fish
Similar Artists Jason Aldean, Blake Shelton Language English
Era 2000 and later

Perfect lead voice for this song. The subtle backing vocals were a good addition to the song. All of the instrumental backing tracks were "top notch"; the guitar effects worked quite well. Interesting (great) lyric theme.

This song is very well crafted. Great singer, mix, instrumentals I absolutely love it. Amazing lyrics and verses with a huge potential for the chorus.

A strong country rock effort. Great vocal. Fine lyrics. Instrumentally and production wise in the pocket as well. Kudos!

nice country ditty and good sounds/engineers complete

awesome ... star making ... minute i thought i was listening to brad praisley ...

Hot & Ready! Get it to one of the ball cap & glasses crowd!

Definitely have a market for this song. I like the fusion of country, rock, and funk. This artist is very marketable and should keep doing music.

Well done! This is a highly professional piece. The lyrics fit the genre vibe, and I think the whole package has definite market appeal in pop country.
The lyrical hook for the chorus is truly selling this song. The arrangement is appropriately very full and keeps the listener engaged for the whole song.
The singer's voice fits very nicely for the theme, and the recording brings the vocal right out front where it should be.

This is a great song. The melody is strong. I really like this song. It is very creative love the lyrics This song is distinctive and original. good marketing potential

Great open and grab at the intro -- the style is evident from the first couple bars. Lyrics are well done, commercial quality of mixing and great use of stereo mixing. Well polished

I loved the guitar introduction, very good playing and was a great intro to the song. You had a lot of energy in the singing and it was right on Pitch. This is the country rock they are playing on the radio. You need to send it out. I thought it was a lot of fun. Good work, I would not be surprised if I heard it on the radio.

Woah!!! Powerful country that rocks just right. This thing is all pro and so ready to go. The writing, lyrics and smart instrumentation support phenomenal vocals to make a hit ready for the big time. The biggest! Love it.

Fun, hard to hear lyrics, and a really twangy guitar, this is country, knowing, clever country slightly exaggerated and typical on purpose. The voices are as twangy as the guitars. In this I can accept the steady, traditional beat, it goes with the territory.

Nice! I enjoyed the story and it took me right into the bar, watching all the action taking place. I also enjoyed the humor in the lyrics. I must say, I wanted to more after the song was over. That's how you do it!! I thought the vocals were strong, music sounded great, and the hook was memorable. Nice job and thanks for letting it out.

Great job!
Nice crafty current toon -

Sounds good!

Brilliant recording and performance, and lot of commercial potential. The lyrics flow like a rap.

Very clever approach, fine lyrics wrapped up in some great country rock music

Sounds like it should be on the radio!Well done.

Top vocal, good slinky up feel. Great playing. Like this a lot! Not too long, makes you want more. Good job!

Great song, great recording!!

good song.. very good instrumentation

Excellent!! This is a HIT all the way! Very well done from start to finish. Production is perfect. This is ready to go for many applications, from radio play to movie and video use.

Nashville... check. Male voice rocking'.... check. Pop arrangement .... check.

this song is WILD and CRAZY and ROCKS... you guys are really good. maybe one day I will tour with you, you guys should cove my song "COUNTRY DRAWL" its just your style, have a listen and tell me what you think

Some of the most clever country lyrics I have heard in a long time. I had to listen to it twice just to revel in your country-fun-creativity. You've mastered the word picture/story/metaphor perfectly. There's EVERYTHING to like about this song (besides the great lyrics and tune)...the tight band and performance, clarity of the vocals and terrific production/recording. You transported me right to the dance floor and I could picture it all. Would make a phenomenal music video.

Radio ready... great job!

Very professional recording with clever well written lyrics even a non fisherman like me can relate to. Thought the vocals including background were great.

Great vocal quality. I don't usually like this genre, but you drew me in and made me want to listen more. Great job. The great production quality sure helped too. Very tight. Reminds me of Chris Cagle stuff from a few years ago. I do not give high review grades like this very often or easily. but this song was just way too cool. This is a song that needs to get radio play, it's infectious :-)

Country finally worthy of listening to.

HELL YEAH!--GREAT COUNTRY SONG--wouldn't change a thing!--5 stars--cheers--joe

Fantastic from the jump. I like the concept and the energy the moment the song begins. The vocal is great. The mix is fantastic. Keep up the great work.

Great song!

Extremely marketable track IMO. Probably getting plenty of airplay already as it fits the Hot Country mold perfectly. Professionally executed with high-energy vocals and heavy hitting players.

Great modern country sound and feel. This is a song that I could hear on the radio right now... lol Great work!! Awesome!!!

Killin' it. You all have this locked in.

country. for sure.

Lyrics Stan Flowers Music Stacy Hogan
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