Story Behind The Song

This song is a tribute to, and in the style of, the early bluess of Johnny Guitar Watson. The tempo, the playful lyric, and several devices from Watson's mid 50's recordings for Modern Records, are intended as an homage to the great r&b pioneer.

Song Description

Retro-styled blues, r&B dance number. The swingin' shuffle is a classic of the Texas blues sound and a great backdrop for the story of a man who, in denial of being dumped, claims to suspect foul play instead.

Song Length 3:47 Genre Blues - Modern, Blues - Delta
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Worried Subject Dysfunctional Relations, Law Enforcement
Similar Artists B.B. King, The Fabulous Thunderbirds Language English
Era 1950 - 1959


Missin' Persons Department? Can you find my baby, please?
She went missin' from our apartment - Took everything but the keys.
Ain't no sign of a struggle, but it look like foul play to me.

She' bout 5 feet 5, and she got eyes of blue,
Reddish brown hair, and built like -- whoo!
Missin' Persons, send out your CSI's,
And put out one of them APB's.
You know it ain't like my girl to be
Gone so long from me.

Go on and send all your cop cars with flashin' red lights;
Look way down in the bottom and out there in the heights.
Can you please find my baby?
Look in every honky tonk and club.
I'm afraid she's been abducted by that mean gangster of love.

Mister Detective, stop foolin' with that vice.
I need my baby 'cause she treat me so nice.
Missin' Persons, you're my last hope; you got to find my baby fast.
You know the neighbor told me that she just stepped out for smokes and gas.

Now if you find my baby, you better hold her down.
If she says I mistreat her, you know she's just foolin' round,
Missin' Persons, Missin Persons. You got to find my baby, please.
Go on and do your job. Bring my honey home to me.

Lyrics Spencer Thomas Music Spencer Thomas
Producer John Inmon Publisher Julietoon Publishing
Performance Spencer Thomas Label Julietoons Publishing

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