Boogie Woogie Mambo

Song Description

Tells the story of one band in one club experimenting with blending the boogie woogie and creole mambo to form a new sound.

Song Length 3:38 Genre Blues - Modern, R & B - Classic
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Welcoming, In High Spirits Subject Musician, Music
Similar Artists Dr. John, The Neville Brothers Language English
Era 1960 - 1969


Boogie Woogie Mambo
Ooh, ooh, Boogie Woogie Mambo
Boogie Woogie Mambo, yall
we got the Boogie Woogie Mambo.
Boogie Woogie Mambo. Whoa, all night long.

Come on all you latin lovers, and all you chicks.
We got to boogie woogie with the mambo licks.
Everybody's coming now from miles around
To hear 'em lay the boogie woogie mambo down.
We got to Boogie Woogie Mambo. Whoa, all night long.

Yeah, nowMama like to mambo. Sister like to mambo.
Baby like to mambo. No, but Daddy won't mambo.
He won't boogie woogie mambo, no, all night long.

Well now all you boys and girls better get in line.
If you can't do it you get left behind.
Everybody love a little mambo beat.
Look at that girl, she got two left feet,
She can Boogie Woogie Mambo. Whoa all night long.

Yeah, come on. See you boogie. Woogie too.
come on and Boogie Woogie Mambo.
come on little baby, I want to Boogie Woogie with you.

Little Willie can't wait to be a man
So he can play piano in a mambo band.
His right hand is having a latin attack.
He gonna boogie woogie till the blues come back.
Willie Boogie Woogie Mambo. Hey, all night long.

Yeah, Boogie Woogie Mambo
You got to Mambo Jambo.
come on and get in the Mambo
Well it's the Boogie Woogie Mambo, Mambo, Mambo
Boogie Woogie Mambo. Whoa, all night long.
I said, Boogie Woogie Mambo. Whoa, all night long.

Everybody, feel it your bones,
mm-hmm you're looking good.
Come on, come on, come on.
Yeah, come on and do it.
See you boogie.

Lyrics Spencer Thomas Music Spencer Thomas
Producer John Inmon Publisher Julietoons Publishing
Performance Spencer Thomas Label none

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