Runaway From The Fire

Story Behind The Song

Inspired by a photograph of a protestor who caught on fire in the streets of Caracas, Venezuela, the song is an anthem for displaced populations around the world , especially in Venezuela and Syria

Song Length 3:40 Genre Rock - Alternative, Rock - Modern
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Frantic, Enraged Subject World, Freedom
Similar Artists Foo Fighters, Muse Language English


I saw a burning man in the streets of my hometown
There is no friendly fire when the shakes keep raining down

Runaway from the fire, run away from the fire
Runaway from the fire, run away from the fire

I left my family there, try to find us a better place
I know that's not so fair, but I've got no time to waste

Runaway from the fire, run away from the fire
Runaway from the fire, run away from, run away
Oh time's running out

No matter what you see, no matter what you hear
It never justifies to watch your home just disappear

Runaway from the fire, run away from the fire
Runaway from the fire, run away, run away
Oh, ohh time's running out

Don't trust the hearts of men who've only seen the best of times
Their only legacy will be waste they've left behind

Runaway from the fire, run away from the fire
Runaway from the fire, you gotta run, you gotta run
Oh, ohh time's running out
(time's running, time's running, time's out)
Oh, ohh time's running out
(time's running, time's running, time's out)

I like the Led Zep 'Nobody's Fault but Mine' style intro. Great instrumentation. Strong vocals. Nice changes of direction at 1.17 and 1.55. Fantastic guitar solo. Love the outro at 3.00. Excellent sound quality and production. A very dynamic song that keeps the listener on board. Terrific stuff.

The song has a good hook, a hypnotic head-nodding beat, and is well performed and produced.

Hard pop with an easy to remember hook.

Great sounding instruments! Liked the production a lot, reminded me of some of my favorite 80's
Bands with the guitar solos and vibe. Drums were well recorded and produced. The voice sounded original and had good feeling, well mixed and panned! It kept my interest and went to the bridge
Right when I was ready for a change!

All I can say about this song is Quintuple WOW. Expertly written and produced, this song conjured images of Syria in my mind. A land, a city, devastated by bombs, and terrorism. A anguished man looking on, trying to figure out what to do to help his family escape the madness. The chorus is simple, catchy, hard-driving and extremely effective; I found myself singing along instantly. The third verse about watching your home disappear is amazing. The electric guitar solo/riff was excellent, as were the drums. Lead vocal passionately and clearly sung, totally conveying the desperation message of the song. One of the best rock songs I have ever reviewed on Broadjam.

I like it. I preferred it on the second listening.

The verses are pretty good when listening to them, I feel like there's an interesting story going on and the feeling of energy, need to escape is good.

Great intro. Well constructed tune with a good mix of tones. Nice production and vocal performance.

Very catchy tune. Enjoyed the bridge and the intro. You did a great job of mixing things up enough so as not to sound rote or repetitive - except the chorus, which is to be expected. Nice job.

Groovy Start to this trac like the cocky attitude! Nice lead guitar

Sounded great and pretty unique sound which is good to hear.

I love the sound of the drums, especially in the introduction - also like the lead vocals - very clear message as well. I also love the lead guitar solo/riff.

Really good song here with an important message. Really nice hook. Very well-constructed song. The guitar work is incredible. Really cool instrumental that serves very well as a bridge.

Lyrics Thomas Fay Music Thomas Fay
Producer Luis Ernesto Walteros and SilverFox Publisher Sonic SilverFox Publishing
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