Pretty Doll

Song Length 3:56 Genre Pop - General


Pretty smile is placed just right
Here I sit beside you
Looking starry eyed
You got me right where you want me
Stay up with you all night long
And laugh at all your jokes
But now I just don't know
If it's really all that funny

Why do I love you?
And how do I stop
I'm not your pretty doll
Why do I love you?
I wish I could stop
I wish I could stop
I'm not your pretty doll

I can't tell you how I feel
You want me to be silent
Even though you would deny it
I betcha didn't think I knew
Any sign of strength I have
I've got to bury deep
And values that I keep
I gotta hide them from you


Guess I'll have to take the blame
I know I let myself get played
I knew the truth but I stayed with you
Instead of walkin away


Lyrics McClure, Machin, Lavelle Music Andrew Machin
Producer Andrew Machin Performance Sherry Lavelle

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