Make a New Way

Song Length 3:22 Genre Pop - Rock


Before I open up my eyes
I smell a different sweetness in the air
And as my feet touch the floor
I get the feeling something's just not there
I moved far away to live a new chapter of life
And the sun is shining on me with a different kind of light

The place I'm standing in right now
Is where I've never stood before
Home has a whole different look
Gazing from this distant shore
But you have to turn around
And don't back down
To let go of yesterday
I'll take your dream and make it real
I'm gonna get out and
Make a new way

In this brand new city
There isn't a single face that I know
And I've never met a winter
That forgot to bring cold white snow
Here I am starting to make a life
And I'm just trying to do this fitting in thing right


But I wont go back
Gotta stay on track
Its time to make a new name
Cant bring back the past
Gotta make this last
I'll make my way
I can feel the change today
I can feel the change


Lyrics McClure, Machin, Lavelle Music Andrew Machin
Producer Andrew Machin Performance Sherry Lavelle

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