Story Behind The Song

A friend of mine contacted me via my website for the first time in 2 years. He was diagnosed with brain cancer and I could not comprehend how such a young father could face this. So I wrote this song about our relationship and future.

Song Description

A song about finding out someone you love has been diagnosed with a terminal illness and how it makes you feel about living your own life and what is trully important.

Song Length 4:24 Genre Pop - Rock
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Mood Heartbreaking



Nothing seems important
Just today
I am overcome
Emotion suddenly
These tears in my eyes are yesterdays

Many years ago
We were sharing all our dreams
Feeling empty at the seems
Crying for some peace

All the emptiness we shared
Was a bond that drew us near
it got us through a time when
Love would suddenly


We were friends who never turned
We were everywhere we learned
How to live our lives
With pride inside ourselves

You fell in love and had a child
Changed the way you lived your life
And allowed for me to see that love could


The years have passed and I can?t recall
When I last heard your voice
I just always knew the time would come
when we would see each other gain

But I never could have dreampt that our
Time would finally come
cause you would tell me suddenly

I need for you to hear
what you mean to me
I just need to shed a tear
And say to you
I just wanna live my life
like suddenly
I swear that I will live my life
like suddenly

Lyrics Sam Look and Rodney Gene Music Sam Look and Rodney Gene
Producer Soundpreacher Performance Sam Look and Rodney Gene

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