Someone Else's Life

Story Behind The Song

I was watching baseball and other sports everyday and I realized all I am doing is cheering someone else and not pursuing my own dreams so I wrote the lyrics about trying to find that dream again and staying productive.

Song Description

A song about wasting time and feeling unaccomplished as you watch someone else fulfill there own dreams.

Song Length 4:25 Genre Rock - Classic
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Beside Yourself Subject Numbness
Language English Era 1980 - 1989


Someone Else?s Life

Sit down next to my tv
Reminds me who I wanted to be
When I was young
I had many dreams

I?d be a star and save the world
Reach inside my heart and soul
All those dreams
All those hopeful fantasies

Now and then I catch myself
Wasting time watching someone else
Are my dreams a memory?

I?m living someone else?s life
Someone else?s dream
Forgetting all the memories
Of who I used to be

I?m living someone elses life
Someone else?s dream
I know I should be living
For someone else but me

Now and then I visualize
The star I would become
So I drink a little bit
And wonder when it all went wrong

I have a loving family
So why do I feel empty
Trying to find a reason
To feel sorry for myself

Should I wait for my God
to take this empty life away
or should I search within my soul

And I analyze and criticize
Everyone around me
Why can?t I reach the sky above

Great rock ballad!! I love hearing a progression which has more 7ths in a rock great. The opening guitar hook is very effective. All the musicianship/production, and particularly the vocal sound great! Wonderful job!

Great lyrical concept - an "everyman" universal theme we've all experienced. Very well written and performed. Great lyrics, vocals and melody. Wonderful instrumentation. A lot of "heart" in this piece. Love it. Great job!

good overall product. commercial sounding. vocals came off heartfelt and somewhat of the better tunes i've heard here. good work!

--- Applauding ---- Really nice song with some extraordinary elements going for it. Great lyrics that actually are about something more than moon, June etc. You know, the human condition. Excellent job writing lyrics on this one. Vocalist had great phrasing and character that fit perfectly. Liked the guitar playing as well. Overall, this had some epic aspects to it.

really great job....i really liked it alot...nice production

Great song, beautifully done!

Lyrics Sam Look, Rodney Gene Music Sam Look, Rodney Gene
Producer Soundpreacher Performance Sam Look, Rodney Gene, Regan Bell
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