Radio Song

Story Behind The Song

I walked out of last years TAXI road rally and was inspired to write a song about everything they told me to do to be a succesful artist! When I got home all I could think of was everything they told me not to do. Writing these lyrics afforded me the op

Song Description

As an artist I want the freedom to express myself in any way I can. If I want a guitar solo, an intro or to write any specific type of song I simply feel that I should. This song afforded me the opportunity to look around and laugh at everyone in a posi

Song Length 3:53 Genre Rock - General
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Cheerful Subject Fun
Era 2000 and later


Radio Song

Intros are the anti-christ
three minutes is my time limit
Guitar solos are
Ancient artifacts

2 verses three choruses
One bridge with some drama
These are the sounds
for A&R execs

They?re why I?m singing
They?re why I?m playing
I don?t believe in
A thing Im saying
This is my Im playing my
Im screaming my Im faking my
This is my This is my
This is my One hit radio song

Radio song
A song with meaning
Radio song
A song with purpose
Radio song
This is my statement to the world

Add a little autotune
And sound like I?m on CMT
The chords are trendy drop D
modern day

lip sink on my MTV
cleavage makes it interesting
Botox, lypo, facelifts
help my sound


Here it is, here it is, this is it this is my solo
But, but my three minutes are almost over
Why would I spend my time doing something so I mean so 80s
So Bon Jovi, Poison, Motley Crue or Skid Row
I know the A &R reps aren?t gonna like that
And if they don?t like it how am I gonna make money
If Im not making money how am I gonna be a star?
Because you know what? That?s what makes me talented,
That?s what makes me important
That?s whats gonna get me on VH1, MTV or CMT
That?s whats gonna validate me
that?s whats gonna make me an artist
Aw rip it!


The song is a bit slow out of the gate - but when it starts picking up it grows... dig when it is 'all in'...the gars etc... brings it to a new level of energy and then it rocks! Recording seemed a bit weak in the beginning, but as I mentioned it comes alive...

Great Job! Loved it. Had lots of energy. Vocals and instrumentals were awesome!

Liked this a lot. Had drive going for it [it had to with that theme and lyrics] and was tight and well executed. Liked the humor sections (which usually don't come off well - but did here) that made it interesting all the way through. Liked the way the sound bloomed at 1:03 and a few other places. Nicely done.

great song. enjoyed it. catchy chorus. well played.

Great comment on the state of art of the radio. Songs is great.

At first i thought what a tipical top 40 rock song, same old tired chords in the chorus...But then i listened to the lyric's and i totally got it.....Great song! The more i listen to it the more i like it...Hope to hear more from you,who ever you are.

Although song is making fun of commercial radio you cant help feeling that these guys can really play... Leaves you wanting to hear something else from the band.

Lyrics Sam Look, Rodney Gene, Regan Bell Music Sam Look, Rodney Gene, Regan Bell
Producer Soundpreacher Performance Sam Look, Rodney Gene, Regan Bell
Label N/A

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