Living A Lie

Story Behind The Song

A friend of mine one time told me he wanted a divorce for various reasons. I wrote this song after I saw all the pain he went through after the divorce. The grass is not always greener. It was the lies that tore there relationship apart.

Song Length 5:06 Genre Rock - Classic
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Miserable Subject Divorce
Similar Artists Def Leppard Language English
Era 1980 - 1989


Living A Lie

In my living room I?m fading
All my thoughts turn to grey
The years gone by feel wasted
Where does love go when it dies?

My children see me silent
Frozen in a zone
I can?t speak or feel any love
All these thoughts are building up
Love and hate colliding inside
Cause I?m living a lie
Don?t know how much to take
I?ve been wasting away
While my heart turns to hate
And I?m living a lie
All these years of mistakes
I need some time to be alone

Nothing makes me happy
There?s too many ordinary days
The same job the same routines
All I want is everything

I?ve cheated over and over
Can I continue to lie every night
These pressures building all around
I gotta end this lie tonight

Piano/guitar solo

She packed her bags and she left me
I?m still feeling lonely inside
There?s too much time to think about
All the problems in my life

I see the damage and all the pain
My children thinking they?re too blame
I can?t look back she wont take me back
Run away run away from shame


Why am I living this way?

I?ve been living a lie
Yes I?ve been living a lie

A great almost "pink floyd" sensibility, it think its the bass and guitar. The flow of the song was great. The piano part makes the breakdown work great. You guys scored my first perfect score. This track is a great song. I'd love to hear more.

This is a great song! I haven't heard anything like it on Broadjam and I love it. I hear Triumph, Dokken, Krokus, Zebra, and something totally new and unique!

Lyrics Sam Look Music Rodney Gene and Gunner
Producer Rodney Gene Performance Sam Look, Rodney Gene and Regan Bell (Gunner)

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