Blood on Blood

Story Behind The Song

I wanted my brother to know how much he meant to me and how important his sobriety was to me and that we walked through the process together.

Song Description

The bond between brothers and the will to change your life after years of drug abuse. it can be done.

Song Length 4:37 Genre Rock - Modern, Pop - Rock
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal


Blood on Blood

Years and years of so much pain
And you turned your life around
A year of being sober now
makes me so damn proud
You found faith in God I watched you come alive
Your inspiration leading me to a better life
Some people said
You would never change
Some people say

This blood is the strongest that I?ve seen
This blood means so much to me
This blood, blood on blood
This blood

I realize when you needed me
I needed you as well
This blood this love this family
Released me from myself
As we walk through life together if we ever change
Something I will always know this brotherhood remains
Some people said I would never change
Some people say


We are brothers this blood won?t die, blood on blood it?s you and I,

Some people change

I can remember when you needed me
You wrote me a letter you asked me to believe
I admit, I wasn?t sure you?d change
It?s amazing all that faith can bring, it takes away the pain

This blood is the strongest that I?ve seen
This blood means so much to me
This blood has captured all our dreams
This blood is all we really need
This blood, blood on blood, this blood

Liked the phase shifter in the intro guitar. The vocal has a Bon Jovi texture to it while the instrumentation has a Marshal Tucker vibe, making it more of a classic rock tune. Nice blend and worth listening to more than once. Nicely done! Thanks for the listen.

Lyrics Sam Look/Rodney Gene Music Rodney Gene/Sam Look
Producer Rodney Gene Performance Sam Look/Rodney Gene

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