What She's Doing Tonight

Song Length 4:22 Genre Pop - Rock
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Odious


Wake up for the day, and I realize you're gone.
Well even strangers say,
"how you've changed, no longer young".
I see it in their eyes,
'cause their eyes don't hide no lies.
Chorus : And I wonder what you're doing tonight,
how many ways can he love you tonight ?
Bridge :Well I don't know why it is that you would treat me bad,
you see I've read your book before, the ending makes me sad.
I'm aged beyond my years, and my eyes are feeling tired.
They're sick of all the tears
Too many lies, too many fears.
Think I'll stay in bed,
clench my fists and pound my head.
Chorus :
I heard you moved from home,
but still complain now you're alone.
That ghost inside your head, well he won't leave you on your own.
I've wrapped my memories,
and open only when I please.
Chorus :
Bridge :
Wake up for the day, and I realize you're gone,
well even strangers say, how you've changed, no longer young.
I've seen it in their eyes, 'cause their eyes don't hide no lies.
Chorus :
Repeat 1st Verse to fade.

Kinda catchy... Would like to hear more from this artist because there was something about the song that sticks with you...

Lyrics Rob chisholm Music Rob Chisholm
Producer Rob Chisholm Performance Rob Chisholm (Jim Richardson guitar)
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