Song Length 2:34 Genre Pop - Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Poignant Subject Breaking Up


Take that look and place it on the ground.
There's no more talk,
there's no more choices now.

Time to turn and look inside your soul,
you might as well smile,
you might as well lose control.

Chorus : But can we still be friends,
can we still be friends ?

I can see me mirrowed in your eyes,
between the blinks, they beckon me inside.

To your heart, that's where we'll stay and hide.
Free from hurt, living for all time.

Chorus :

Did you your horoscope today ?
Suggesting that you stay at home and pray.
Don't ask me for private point of view,
'cause horoscopes can't change my thoughts of you.

Take those photos from my memory,
just do it quick, just rip them painlessly.
Reminds me of my sordid yesterday, such a shame,
sometimes I miss those ways.

Chorus :

"can we still be friends?" expressive male vocal, tasteful piano, artistic vibe overall. lyrics an eclectic feel, like this. poetic, gentle, experiential...

The song clips along nicely and has positive vibe to it.

Lyrics Rob Chisholm Music Rob Chisholm
Producer Rob Chisholm Publisher Rob Chisholm
Performance Rob Chisholm

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