Shadows At The Door

Song Description

My daughter, then 16, was going through a particularly rough time and I wanted to give her a little bit of advice just in case I wasn't always there for her.

Song Length 3:46 Genre Pop - Lullaby
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Poignant Subject Life


Introduction :
Chorus : I once like you are now,
I stayed like you are now.
Verse 1 : All those years I've chased and pounded shadows at my door.
Don't tell me that I've wasted all my time,
'cause it would really break my heart, indeed my soul in two,
don't whisper that those shadows were all mine.
Chorus :
Verse 2 : Though my life is nearly at the end, for you, brand new. Don't waste your time with shadows at your door.
As surely as I'm dying here, impart my gift to you,
don't let the past take body, mind or soul.
Chorus :
Don't waste your time with things you truly know you understand,
the simple things in life still rule the world.
Keep looking for the answers to the questions in your mind,
you only learn by listening, my girl.
Instrumental :
Repeat Verse 2 :
Chorus : . . . to fade

Lyrics Rob Chisholm Music Rob Chisholm
Producer Rob Chisholm Publisher Rob Chisholm
Performance Rob Chisholm
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