There's A Park In My Street

Song Length 3:47 Genre Folk - Contemporary
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Welcoming Subject General


There's a park in my street,
with a swing and an ol' timber seat, where the children can play all the day, whether sunshine, or whether in rain, 'til it's time to go home.
So often it's said, "these are the best years that you'll ever have" "there in the places you store in your head" 'til it's time to go home.
La la lie, la la lie etc etc.
You are destined to meet, someone pretty and oh Lord so sweet,
you will take her and make her your bride,
all those plans that you'll dream side by side,
when you've carried her home.
La la lie. etc etc.
I keep a book in my shoe, and it's filled with my memories of you, all those places and things you would do, 'til it's time to go home.
La la lie. etc etc.
A home will appear, filled with children and laughter so clear, all those things that you've always held dear, giving the love you were born with to share, now that you've finally come home.
La la lie etc etc.

Realy nice and familiar sounding track......good guitar and vocal.......

Lyrics Rob Chisholm Music Rob Chisholm
Producer Rob Chisholm Performance Rob Chisholm
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