Soft White Jumper

Song Length 3:22 Genre Folk - Alternative, Folk - Alternative
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal


I got my life, a little older,
I've spun around when is it my time again ?
Another day, another lifetime, I'm closing eyes, imagine our time again.
I had a wife, don't want no other, I hear those words, and now I pray for cover.
I took up running, hell, I even raced.
So disappointing I walked home to hide my face.
Do you recall the first time you placed your hand in mine ?
The sun looked down and gently smiled,
then blessed us for all time.
I remember walking,
through a park nearby,
well our first kiss,
I'll never miss that feeling everytime.
I miss your smiles at night time,
I miss your winter clothes.
I miss that soft white-jumper,
when I held you oh so close.
I imagine calling to your place late at night,
"please stand aside, this won't take long,
I need to talk to my wife"

Lyrics Rob Chisholm Music Rob Chisholm
Producer Rob Chisholm Performance Rob Chisholm
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AlethaFrance3742766 Stuff I wanna hear again. And again... and again... 6/26/2012
Nick Fuse Songs of Confession 5/8/2012

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