Song Length 6:13 Genre Spoken Word - Poetry



I touch, embodied to my core,
where joy and love reside,
an essence that infuses, that Is my heart,
fills me, despite my little self's chattering,
monkey's must be fed, distracted, sometimes ignored.

There is a longing to taste, swallow happiness,
sometimes it is quenched,
belly full with sunshine,
it blinds me if I look into my Light,
eternal giveaway never to be squandered on ones self.

Laughing, imbued and imbibing creative thought and deed,
a lotus drinking deep,
bursting petal upon petal in utter abandon.

There is a Love I know and yet not know,
divine and personal,
one strand of jewels with many shades of stone,
an instrument that needs no strings to sing.

It swells, oceanic,
crashing on the shores of my Being,
receding, sweeping yet another barrier from my heart.

There is a majesty,
it hears my voice,
it sees my humbled bow,
the potter's hands shape life with earth and stone,
flute whose breath adorns the blushing rose.

There is a Oneness in every eye I meet,
and a Love that simply says,
"I am all there is."

Lyrics Raymond Powers Music Raymond Powers, Phil Parlapiano
Performance Raymond Powers, cedar flute / Phil Parlapiano - keyboards
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