It's A Matter of Space

Song Length 5:07 Genre Pop - Europop, Pop - Dreampop
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Poignant, Troubled Subject Unrequited Love
Similar Artists David Bowie, Peter Gabriel Language English
Era 2000 and later


It's a Matter of Space

I lay in my white room,
With one window on the wall,
It opens up to the forest,
The green grass of your sister's home

You're sleeping in another room
I've been asked not to enter in,
It's part of the illusion
That we're only lonely friends.

It's a matter of space,
We're just taking a break.

I cannot find the doorway,
I grapple in the dark,
There must be a key dangling 'round you're neck,
That will open up your heart.

It's a matter of space,
We're just taking a break.

I tiptoe in that the break of sunrise,
To see if you're awake,
Your eyes are closed, your breathing shallow,
I want to give you a shake.

I want to wake you up, take you up,
To where the love doesn't disappear,
So I can hold you, show you.
Calm all your worries and fears.

In your basement dreams, in your isolation,
Do you hear the storm?
With the lightning cracking, I'm slowly backing,
Backing out the door, to let you sleep some more.

Our bond cannot be broken,
It's beyond this lifetime,
That our Souls unite, that our Souls unite.

I lay in my white room,
With the pounding of the rain,
It's drowning out my grieving cries,
That you'll never let me in again.

It's a matter of space,
We're just taking a break, I pray......

Lyrics Raymond Powers Music Raymond Powers/ TJ Russell
Producer Raymond Powers/ TJ Russell Performance Raymond Powers/ TJ Russell
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