Falling, Face the Sun

Song Description

Surrendering to overwhelming feelings of love.

Song Length 6:49 Genre Rock - Progressive Rock, Jazz - Fusion
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Subject Falling in Love
Similar Artists Peter Gabriel Era 2000 and later


Rain I know,
Comes down around me,
So easily floods through,
Forming deep seas,
This is the love I know.

Will it snow? Will I freeze/
Fortunes grows like the fog at night,
Seize the prize as it turns to gold.. ahhhh,
And fly.

Give myself up,
Wash over me,
There you stand, heart in hand,
Where you go,
I go...ahhhh.

It all depends which way the wind blows,
There I go,
Once again the cup spills over,
Drown, inside your love,
I'm free.

Here I land,
Oh my precious one,
Hold my hand,
Rivers edge it calls,
I'm breathing,
So much feeling,
When you're falling face the sun.

It's over.

Lyrics Raymond Powers Music Raymond Powers/ Andro Kotula
Producer Raymond Powers/ Andro Kotula Publisher Raymond Powers/ Andro Kotula
Performance Raymond Powers/ Andro Kotula
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