Envy (2018)

Song Length 5:14 Genre Electronic - Industrial, Unique - Soundtracks

Industrial not my thing but you kept my attention....well done.....and Merry Christmas back to ya....Have my own Christmas song coming up and maybe you could give a listen....Your friend in music....Delta


This song, as usually is with your productions, is an interesting piece of work.

Very effective silent pauses... It is golden.. and the Trying to get out of the A minor vortex!!!..

My choice of Title... Grab, Steal and Run (then again)

Enjoy the moment
Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Peace love health happiness and prosperity,


Music takes you on an epic journey. It's a floating roller coaster ride. Quite delightful and most enjoyable. Fine piece of work a real marvel.

Music Protilius Productions Producer N.Jones
Performance M.Snow
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