Story Behind The Song

In January 2012, while praying, I asked God to introduce me to someone special. I asked to be introduced to the woman whom God intended me to spend my life with. It was a very bold request indeed, because I knew not what to expect. What I did know is that I could not do it on my own, and it was time for me to yield to the infinite wisdom of God and all him to present to me the woman whom he'd intended for me. God did just that. Within the matter of a few day, God allowed me to meet in person someone who I have know through random communications. We met and decided to meet again, and again. With each passing day, I discovered newer wonders about this wonderful gift form God. Indeed I thank God every day for introducing me to her. She is the voice that speaks what others are unwilling to say. She is the pillar that holds me and keeps me from falling. She is the comic relief in this crazy thing I call my life. She is the wind beneath my wings.

Song Description

Lauriella is written as a special dedication to the lady in my life, whose very name is the inspiration for this selection.

Song Length 4:04 Genre New Age - Neo Classical
Tempo Very Slow (Under 70) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Endearing, Blissful Subject Life, Relationship
Language No Language Era 2000 and later


No Lyrics For This Selection

Great Bland and overall sound selection, Best of luck.

nice piece of baking music. Can hear as a pop song and a movie theme.

Need more refinement but on the right track.
Thanks for sharing you stuff with me.

Very nice piano playing & violin giving a somewhat classical feel. The mood is restrained, gentle but purposeful. Quite an original sound which is very relaxing and beautifully played.

Nice piano melody ,very uplifting. Creative in the works.
Nice ending!

very pleasing changes

Could be a scene which a parent is putting a happy child (who is fighting sleep, rubbing one's eyes)and while lying down, the child is yawning, smiling, and wanting to spend time with the parent. A very beautiful, peaceful arrangement of piano with violins.

Excellent mix of instrumentation, great melody, wonderful vibe. I love it!

It is really not my thing. It sounds fine, the composition seems well done. Just, not terribly exciting.

The recording of the song is good and the instrumentation is good.

soothing it should be played with the credits of a movie

I love this instrumental!!!!!!!!!!!!! It sort of relaxes you and puts you in a mindset that gives you a very happy and relaxing feeling! Great JOB!

Very nice track

Very pleasant and well composed.
Just not my style so I apologize for my review.

I love the strings and orchestration but because it is not my style I feel the review is probably suspect.
It has a lovely melody which I keep hearing as I write this.

Thank you

nice classical instrumental. very pleasant , i liked the melody sounds like its a instrumental version of a song.

This has a good strong melody and chord support.

keep rocking and recording.

i like the musicall movement

Good song, great potential.

What a nice flowing feel to this musical piece. I enjoyed it very much.

Catchy tune. I love the strings track.

I liked this track keep it up.

This track has a smooth sound and flow, gentle and relaxing. Nice melody. I like the effect of having the harmonising synth note opposite to the lead note, as it enables the melody to stand out a bit more.

good melodic ideas. sounds like a backing track for a movie/TV, but it gets mundane after a minute or two.

Nice tune.

good arrangment and variety

Has a relaxing tempo and with a bit of adjustment would make a relaxing instrumental.

very good.

It's a chill song

nice piano sound.

Some nice melodic ideas.

Music Edgar M Wise Producer Edgar M Wise
Publisher EMACINWI Music Inc
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