I Remember

Story Behind The Song

As a teenager, I fell in love with a young lady who I met while walking home after a Jazz band performance at the Washington Monument. I was tired, carrying my trumpet and my flugel horn, not thinking about anything until I heard her call my name from across the street. We became a couple, and we seemed to do everything together. We would spend time at Malcolm X Park in DC. It was one night at Malcolm X Park that we discovered Serenity in a very special and endearing way. I will forever remember that one special night.

Song Description

I remember is a simple song about coming of age in 1980's Washington DC.

Song Length 4:01 Genre Folk - General
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Vocal Samples
Mood Enchanting, Relaxed Subject Lost Love, Life
Similar Artists Don Henley Language English
Era 2000 and later


I Remember
By Edgar M Wise

I remember walking home from school
When I heard you call my name
I walked over and started to talk
And my life was not the same

Next day after we marched the parade
We met at MC Donalds
Walking home you were holding my hand
And in love we would fall

Honey I remember the time in the park
Making love beneath the statue
Holding hands walking home in the dark
Was the thing we liked to do

I think about when you became my wife
We walked home quick as the rain fell
Had a daughter and she changed our lives
And our love began to swell

We grew older and we grew apart
I never dreamed that I would lose you
And still I cherish those times we both shared
All the things we would do

And yes I remember the time in the park
Making love beneath the statue
holding hands walking home in the dark
Was the thing we liked to do

The gentle breeze blowing soft in the trees
And the rain drops on your face
I remember those times in our lives
Father time can not erase

(Copyright 2012 EMACINWI Music Inc)

like the backing vocal. peaceful vibe.

Lyrics Edgar Wise Music Edgar WIse
Producer Edgar Wise Publisher EMACINWI Music Inc

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