Touched by an Angel (1)sung by- ELISABETH GENCO

Song Length 3:43 Genre Country - Religious, Pop - Religious
Language English Era 2000 and later

I loved the message of the song.

Ive actually heard this one in review before, and the same verdict bro!!! Excellent job!

I really love the concept and story of the song!! "I'd be a fool to be cruel" love that line, really stuck out!! The instrumentation on the song was good, love the use of piano and organ. I really appreciate the positivity of this song, we need more positive songs like this!!

Great blend of vocals & instrumentation. Beautiful voice.

very nice song nicely arranged

nice lyrics

Nice arrangement, lyrics tell a good story, mostly good melody lines.

really liked the addition of techniques on the vocal. There are parts of this song which really feature the vocalist and shows off the beauty of the voice.

Great Song!

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