Story Behind The Song

This song is about the area where i live and a very famous rodeo is held in Arcadia,Fl.I have been to all the places mentioned in my song/this song is dedicated to my old friend Lee Stevenson from Arcadia,Fl. who died in an accident a few years back,we loved the rodeo,and my friend Milton Malone who gave me $300.00 cash to get the recording done,uncle Milty is out in California somewhere?I have had a lot of fun with this one.I don't know anyone to date that has written such a song as this for our area here and recorded it.My old friend Steve Blackwell liked this song,he gave me a great review of this song before he passed away not too long ago/we miss Steve here in Charlotte County.I wrote this song in 2005 and was inspired by a Dwight Yokam song to write it.

Song Description

Go to/ www.arcadiarodeo.com/ and this is the long description of the song,their phone is 1-800-749-7633 or 863-494-2014 at 124 Heard Street,Arcadia,FL.34266.If you like rodeo's,you will love this one/thanxs-joe.

Song Length 4:22 Genre Country - Cowboy, Country - Contemporary
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Sociable, Cheerful Subject Rodeo, Horses
Similar Artists Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash Language English
Era 2000 and later



If you ever go south of Sarasota
down where the coconut trees grow
if you ever go down past the lazy Peace River,to Punta Gorda
where we danced not so long ago
if you ever go to Arcadia
i'll meet you at the rodeo.

The time we had together was better than Boca Grand
i'll never forget when you said i love you
as we walked the beach hand in hand
if you ever go south of Sarasota
down where the coconut trees grow
if you ever get to Arcadia i'll meet you at the rodeo.

My cowboy hat need's a dustin
my boot's could use a shine
but your love letter's and phone call's
are best for this faithfull heart of mine
so if you ever go south of Sarasota
down where the coconut trees grow
and if you ever get to Arcadia i'll meet you at the rodeo.

I could meet you at the railroad depot
right next to the train track
we'd walk arm in arm to the rodeo arena
and never look back
so if you ever go south of Sarasota
a little east on 17
there'll be bulls awaitin meaner than anything you ever seen
so if you ever go south of Sarasota
down where the coconut trees grow
and if you ever get to Arcadia i'll meet you at the rodeo.

There's a motel that we can stay in
and they'll give us breakfast in bed
we'll tell each other i love you
just don't forget the word's i said
if you ever go south of Sarasota
down where the coconut trees grow
if you ever get down past the lazy Peace River
i'll meet you at the rodeo.

If you ever get down past the lazy Peace River
i'll meet you at the rodeo.


The lyrics are made of intelligent references. Nice relaxed easy going, easy to listen to song. I can see an adult population loving this.

Nice country song! iTS HARD TO FIND REAL COUNTRY ANYMORE Good job!

Great lyrical content, nice arrangement, great instrumentation.

Great visual country song!! Nice vocals!.. Great lyrics! Great style of song!!

some songs are destined to become a standard bearer for their unique genre. this track belongs to that class of songs - the true telling of life as a cowboy. well done and authentic to the core.

I liked it, big fan of acoustic guitar, nice mix, vocals, drums and guitar overall a good balanced

Nice feel to the song and I liked the hook as well.

As I come from Australia, do not know all the places you describe but for the market this I believe would be acceptable

Tempo reasonable but feel it could be up 5-10 bpm to match the travel and rodeo theme.

Clear production. I like the images the lyrics give. Nice acoustic strumming. I like the sentimentality.

The lyrics are very original! it is a feel good song. Nice use of imagery.

Well done...solid Country piece.....

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