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A story that most people can identify with/i perform this piece as spoken word and always get a standing ovation at gatherings here in Florida,i am always glad to do this one.

Song Length 4:38 Genre Country - Honky Tonk, Folk - Traditional
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Troubled, Affable Subject Hope, Regret
Similar Artists The Charlie Daniels Band, Glenn Frey Language English
Era 1990 - 1999


I wrote a song that i wanted to sing but i was afraid that my voice was not good enough.I gave it away.

I wrote a book that i wanted to have published but i couldn't believe that anyone would want to read anything that was written by me,so i put it away.

I had a dream.I wanted to quit my job,sell everything i owned and travel to see the world.I was afraid that others might call me strange or irresponsible so i stayed home.

I fell in love,but i was afraid that love might not be returned so i remained silent and she never knew.

I lived my life guided by what i thought those around me would consider right and proper and normal...and i became like them.

And now my song was sung by someone else and a million records were sold.

My book is still gathering dust where i left it,but someone else wrote one that was like mine and everyone rushed to buy a copy.

My neighbor lived my dream.He quit his job and lived as i had wanted to.Now people call him an adventurer and seek him out for his knowledge of the world.

My love? Someone else felt the same as i,but was not afraid to speak...they have been married for 10 years.

And me...

I never write songs anymore,nor do i read my book.I'm too old to dream.I retire next week after 38 years at the same job,never having missed a day.They'll give me a gold watch,a pat on the back,a small pension and send me on my way.

Look at me...i never took a risk,never sang my song.No one ever read my book.Someone else lived my dream.I never spoke my love so i was never hurt.I am in my twilight years and by all prevailing standards i am a success.I should be happy.Why is it that i am not?

No guts-no glory.


This is a really cool poem....vocalist has a lot of character and is completely convincing..

Really Good Vocal

Good recording/sounds. Nice drumming, love the brushes and the feel! Good vocal timbre, bass and acoustic guitar sounds. Solid performance.

Man, this song is very nice, reflective, beautiful.

kept my attention, a good "learn" to live for yourself guts no glory! so true!

Really love the vocals and lyrics!

Very nice story, great vocals. Well balanced.

I liked the vocals in the song.

Great words and message. Sad. Touching. Clear and good recording. I, for one, really listened to your song, so there. Way to go.

good vocals and lyrics

Beautiful Country Waltz with a compelling vocal. Good lyrics and hook!!

The song has potential. It tells a story that many people may can relate to.

cool song. lyrics are captivating--but wanted the song to take me to a higher level, but it stayed on the same plane.

rich vocal tone, good story! well recorded and mixed

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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