What about you and me

Song Length 3:16 Genre Country - General
Subject Making Up


I?m always working late
and you?re always on the run
we need to make a date
to get back where we belong
it seems all our time together
is when you?re lying next to me
oh there was a time, when I couldn?t let you be
what about you and me
it?s not like it use to be
happy and so carefree
it use to come easily
sometimes it?s hard to see
together we?ll always be
oh what about you, what about you and me

I?m always giving up
and you?re always giving in
I say I?ve had enough
and you?d say let?s try again
it seems all our conversations
are talkin? on the telephone
oh there was a time, you wouldn?t leave me alone

Lyrics Darrell Perez Music DarrellPerez
Producer Darrell Perez Performance Darrell Perez
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