Somethin Bout Her Always Wins

Song Description

An old loves Memory

Song Length 3:37 Genre Country - Traditional


She's on my mind once again
Somethin bout her always wins
When a sad song starts to play
Her memories in my way

At times the feeling's so strong
Other times it don't stay long
My heart seems to give in
Somethin bout her always wins

Sometimes I just don't know
If her memories gonna go
It breaks my heart again
Somethin bout her always wins

I try to find a new love
But my heart keeps thinkin of
The one I left behind
Lord she's runnin through my mind

And so I guess I'll never know
Cause I can't seem to let her go
That's the way it's gonna be
Till I can lose her memory

Lyrics Darrell Perez Music Darrell Perez
Producer Darrell Perez Publisher Darrell Perez
Performance Darrell Perez

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