A Lot Like Me

Song Length 4:17 Genre Country - General
Subject Son


His hair is brown his eyes are blue
He looks like me yet he looks like you
Ten little fingers and ten little toes
He's got your smile but he's got my nose
You know how lucky we are
I prayed for this from the start

I don't care, if he's not the smartest kid in school
I don't care, if he ain't tough
I don't care, if he's not a millionaire someday
Can't you see, I don't care if he's a lot like me

I'm gonna do the best I can
To make him proud to be my little man
Teach him to pray and I'll teach him to love
Teach him of faith in our God above
You know how lucky we are
I prayed for this from the start

Repeat chorus

I know someday he's going to leave us
And he'll no longer hold my hand
But through it all, I hope he finds his way back home
Like I did

Repeat chorus 2x's

If he's a lot like me
I hope he's just like me

Lyrics Darrell Perez Music Darrell Perez
Producer Darrell Perez Performance Darrell Perez

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