Open Sky

Story Behind The Song

Sometimes the only option to go on loving someone is to let them go. Maybe that is the way love should always be. Where there is love there is no fear and there is trust. There! Will that do?

Song Description

See above (can't say it any better).

Song Length 7:27 Genre Pop - Alternative, Blues - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Gracious, Serene Language English


Open Sky

You can do anything. I am forever on your side
You can do any thing. I am forever on your side
Some may take me for a fool
But I know you. You won?t take me for a ride

It?s called ?Good Chemistry?. Lights a light up in your eyes
Yes it?s ?Good Chemistry?. What comes alive with you and I
There?s no more that I need to know
For to love you till I die

You just tell me what you need. You don?t need to tell me why
You can tell me what you need, but you don?t need to tell me why
For you it comes so easily
Just like rain down from the sky

And when you call on me, what I can, I will provide
When you call on me, well what I can, I will provide
I won?t leave you high and dry
There?ll be no turning tide

You can say anything. In me you can confide
Yeah you can say anything. Plenty room here for you inside
This heart it?s sanctuary
And I will abide

And if I?m in your way, well I?ll just step aside
Tell me if I?m in your way and I?ll take a step off to one side
Love it stretches on and on
And the road is wide

So you can do anything. I am forever on your side
No-one?ll clip your wings. This bird is free to fly
In your eyes I see the weather
You and me we got a open sky
And in your eyes
Open sky

© Copyright Maxim Edhouse 2005

Lyrics MaXiM Music MaXiM
Producer MaXiM Performance MaXiM & Leonard Cohen
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