Vocals and instrumental, a fusion of modern jazz, R&B, pop, world and folk influences - Did I leave anything out?
Spent my formative years France - spoke French before I spoke English and to this I attribute my vocal tone & sardonic sense of humor. My mom introduced me to jazz at early age and later in D.C. we lived right up the street from Charlie Bird's jazz club and early on I saw some great performers there - Early in my career I had the good fortune to work with Dave Holland, Gary Peacock, Cleveland Eaton and Morris Jennings ( of the Ramsey Lewis Trio). These experiences influenced my direction as well as the great singer-songwriters like Laura Nyro, Nina Simone, Leonard Cohen..
I use a lot of counter melodies and poly rythyms in the music - a challenge for the listener who is often looking for a hook to hang his hat on - hooks can be very gratifying - sometimes hooks just hang you up - my experience is that as the ear develops so does the soul, the mind and the heart.

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I am not spending much time here at broadjam these days cause I've actually found a site where folks are experimenting with genre and sound , stretching their boundaries, collaborating and supporting one another - and creating some fearless music - honestly doesn't take place much here although there are some wonderful artists here at broadjam - anyway those of you who are interested should check out www.mp3Unsigned.com - its a UK site- see ya there perhaps? lol.. hope so:-)

Melinda Mohn

Melinda Mohn, musician. composer, arranger, and singer, iconoclast, has been at it for over 35 years and is a veteran of the Seattle Jazz scene and the 80''s L.A. Underground. Her music comes from a place where many influences converge and the synthesis is a remarkable blend of jazz fusion, R&B, world elements and points beyond- at any given moment eccentric, surprising, lush and a voice though sparingly used that has been described as "water flowing over velvet". Her compositions are primarily instrumental however, when the spirit moves, her lyrics have a directness that cuts to chase and an emotional rawness that opens the heart.


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